5 Signs of Behavioral Issues in Teenagers

Some teens are simply more troubled than others, and this can culminate in disrespectful, dangerous behavior that can put their lives and their futures at risk. The key is to take action swiftly the moment that you notice your teen displaying such behavioral issues. Here are the signs and symptoms to look out for and how to find them the treatment that they require.

Behavioral Issues in Teenagers

Problems with authority

Teens are notorious for rebelling against rules and norms. However, there comes the point when this becomes less normal and more concerning, especially if it starts defining your teen and how they conduct themselves from day today. If they absolutely refuse to listen or to follow any instructions that you give them and they are doing the same thing at school and with other caregivers in their lives, it could be a sign that there is a significant behavioral problem present. Usually, this problem will need to be addressed with the help of a professional at a teen treatment center, like igniteteentreatment.com.

A refusal to take responsibility

Does your child refuse to take responsibility or own up to his or her mistakes? Blaming others for their own doing is another worrisome sign that something is amiss. It is essential to correct this behavioral problem quickly to prevent them from carrying such a negative trait into their personal and working lives as adults.


Aggressive teens are often struggling with intense anger issues and are coping with them in the only way that they know-how. In most instances, aggressive behavior can be turned around when the teen learns to put more productive and gentle coping measures in place.

Keep in mind, however, that aggression can also be a sign that the child is experimenting with drugs and alcohol. This is especially so if you notice any other changes in their behavior, mood, and friendship circle.

Bullying and other anti-social behaviors

Teens with behavioral problems will often bully their peers as a means to feel better about themselves, or as an outlet for their anger and other strong emotions. Ultimately, putting a stop to the bullying and finding out the underlying cause of it is imperative both for the bullying teen themselves, as well as for their victim. Depending on the severity of the situation, trauma counseling may also be necessary for both parties.

Stealing and vandalism

Stealing and intentionally causing damage to others’ property is a sure-fire sign that your teen is suffering from a behavioral disorder. This type of behavior is severe, indeed, and is often accompanied by many other teenage issues, such as mental illness and substance abuse. Regardless of the reasons behind them acting out, it is always imperative to take them to see a professional correct the problems, and fast. Effective treatment is essential to prevent the teen from landing up in serious trouble with the law.

Hopefully, you can feel confident in taking action when necessary now that you know what signs to look out for.


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