5 Benefits of Gamification

It is believed that the first scientist to publish the Periodic Table of the Elements was the 19th century Russian scientist and teacher Dmitry Mendeleev. According to some people, he was the first to apply gamification to accomplish an educational task. Our company provides gamification services, but we also tell our clients a lot of interesting facts about it.

Benefits of Gamification

Dmitriy Mendeleev

The term “gamification” can be interpreted in two ways. The first is introducing video game processes into everyday life. The level of engagement and the value of games as entertainment is a good motivator for people who engage in boring tasks such as learning. Another use of this term is the use of game elements to make non-game more interesting.

As you know, Mendeleev was a big fan of maps, so it was typical for him to use maps as an opportunity to classify elements for better understanding. The scientist turned the classification process into a card game, where each element and other information in the image was listed, and put them face up. This allowed him to better understand the relationship between the elements. He published his discoveries, which allowed scientists to make discoveries of other elements to fill in the gaps in Mendeleev’s writings, as well as to move forward in the development of the table.

It is known that in his early years Mendeleev can hardly be called a successful student, but gamification helped him become famous in science. This can be used as an example of the merits of gamification and the impact it can have on learners despite achievements.

Examples of gamification

Promoting gamification in the cognitive development of children

The use of the gamification process as an aid in cognitive development can significantly increase the activity of certain areas of the brain for proper development. Games that are made to stimulate cognitive development are called “games for the brain.” They are gaining more and more popularity, based on the user’s search for answers to questions, solutions to problems. Such games can significantly improve the process of processing and storing information by the brain.


Some situations allow you to develop physically.

Interactive exercises are as effective as regular exercises. This form is useful for children who love video games but are not currently physically active. There are many long-term benefits of being active.

Classroom engagement is boosted by gamification.

Studies have been conducted to measure the level of student engagement that manifests itself in the application of gamification among students. A ball system of different classes was assigned. Then student engagement was assessed. The results showed that productivity increased, and a playful atmosphere was observed.

Gamification is good for classroom accessibility.

Can be used as a teaching tool for teenagers. The effectiveness of the use of gamification in the form of a video game to educate autistic students has been studied. As shown by the research results, the training package was more effective in the learning process, according to age data.

No need to limit gamification to class

Gamification should not be limited to students in the same class, it is also effective in extracurricular learning. Some parents divide their arithmetic homework into sections. After that, the child will increase the level after mastering each section, in order to receive hints to solve the riddle. Perhaps you can ask your child to create his own Periodic Table by placing several elements there, as Mendeleev did using cards. Gamification at home is a great way to actively participate in your child’s learning process.

Participation of students in gamification in the classroom

As the term “gamification” becomes more and more common, it cannot be ignored. This concept has enough advantages to improve the learning process of students, regardless of academic level. It is hoped that someday the concept will not be fashionable, but will become everyday for use in classrooms. After all, it has been around for decades. Mendeleev is a witness to this.

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