Finding the Best Chicago Wedding Photographer for Your Special Day

The city of Chicago, home of the best architectural sites in the Midwest, is one of the unique places to get married. Its contemporary downtown galleries and picturesque outdoor spaces along the Chicago River are choice venues for destination weddings.

Residents also do not go far when it comes to choosing where they would get married because nothing beats the Chicago vibes. Whether you live in this city or you choose this place for your destination wedding, getting a local Chicago wedding photographers is a must. You want to capture these special moments forever, right?

Wedding Photographer

Here are some things you must know when searching for the perfect photographer for your wedding day:

Check the portfolio

When you meet with your prospective photographers, check their portfolio, and let their work speak for themselves. You will see that some photographers gravitate more into shooting in rustic venues in Chicago, like in Osteria Via Stato and DoubleTree by Hilton.

In contrast, others have more experience taking pictures in outdoor places like the Lake Shore, Silver Lake Country Club, and McHenry Country Club. Meanwhile, a few photographers prefer shooting in unique architectural places in the city, such as the Chicago History Museum, Zhou B Art Center, and City Winery.

Checking their portfolio will allow you to see their style in the venues they have worked in. While most photographers can be flexible, it would help if your prospective photographer has experience shooting at your wedding venue. This way, it will be easier for both of you to identify charming spots for your photographs.

Additionally, it will give you and your fiancé creative ideas on how you will do your poses during the event itself.

Find a storyteller

There are many talented wedding photographers and videographers in Chicago, but what will set one apart is his ability to tell stories through pictures. If you’re going to look for a photographer, find someone who does not just know how to take stunning shots, but also know how to capture emotions.

One of the perks of getting a local photographer is that he will already know how to capture the beauty of the city, so all he needs to concentrate on now is how to capture your story.

Be mindful of the cost

The cost of photography and videography packages in Chicago is 9% less than the national average, so you will get more than your money’s worth. Hiring a Chicago wedding photographer costs approximately $1,300 for a day’s shoot. However, if you are looking for a photo and video package, you can get one for around $2,500.

A basic package typically offered by professionals often include a wedding album, a private online photo gallery, and an edited wedding film. Should you want a more cinematic quality for your photos and videos, you can also opt for more expensive packages that can reach up to $5,000. You may ask for a discount, but be mindful that you are working with highly skilled professionals who have spent years and resources honing their craft.

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable events in your life. Having photos and videos will help you immortalize this date. They are worthy investments that you can share with your future children and grandchildren. You cannot compromise on good photography, so hire the best Chicago has to offer.

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