Ellen Pierson Net Worth, Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Ellen is an American who was born in the year 1950 on the 26th of May.  There is not much data about Ellen; well-known information is that she is the wife of Robert Kardashian and their family on the important mainstream of VIP family in the whole world. Moreover, she is an American real estate agent and Director of Sales who is famous in the field. She was born in California and some of her early life is not known and given in any of the articles. She is basically known as a businesswoman who lived a widow’s life.

Ellen Pierson

Ellen Pierson Net Worth, Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Real NameEllen Pierson
Date of Birth26th May 1950
Place of BirthUnited States
Age71 years as of December 2021
Height5 Feet 10 Inches
Net Worth$1M estimated
NationalityUnited States
Social MediaNot Available

Ellen Pierson Career

She had a long career in real estate since 1970 and she even owns a real estate company of her own. This company is located in “Santa Clara area of California”. Then in the year 1984, she started working as a “Title Insurance sales Representative” until the year 2001. Then, Ellen was the Director of “Heritage Escrow” company which is actually a Palm Desert starting from the year 2000 to 2008.

In the year 2019, she became a Corporate Sales Director in Westminster Title Company INC. In Greater San Diego Area.  Ellen has received a lot of awards for being a popular businesswoman for many years.

Relationship of Ellen Pierson

Ellen considered Robert as her highlight when they started dating in the year 1990s. Then in the year 2001, he proposed to Ellen and they have been in a relationship for 3 years and got married in the year 2003. Moreover, Ellen was Robert’s third wife even though they were happy together. Unfortunately, Robert fell ill and left Ellen. He died because Caner and Ellen became widow six weeks after their marriage.

Hobbies and Interest of Ellen Pierson

Unfortunately, there were no details about the hobbies and interests of Ellen in any of the articles.

Ellen Pierson Net Worth 

The estimated amount of Ellen might be around $1 Million and her overall net worth would be $30 million which she has gathered from Robert her husband. Ellen has worked in many companies and has done a lot of work and it is worth having this many millions which she could make a lot. Moreover, Robert has done her a lot which made Ellen have more net worth increased from that.

Unknown Fact of Ellen Pierson

  • Ellen does not have any kids of her own and currently, she is living a single life.
  • She has worked in a lot of companies that too in a higher position which she learned a lot from the job.
  • Ellen is mainly famous for her real estate business and her own company.
  • She is mainly a hard-working person who could make a better life in everything.

Bottom Line

A sad truth of Ellen which she could not think about was the death of her husband Robert who died due to cancer. She is currently living her life single and life taught her a lot of lessons from that. Most of her personal details were unknown.

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