5 Novel Gift Ideas for Xmas 2023

We are only 4 months away from Christmas, the festival of giving and if you are one of those who dreads buying Xmas gifts, you have come to the right place, as we offer a few novel Xmas gift ideas for the person who has it all.

Novel Gift Ideas

1. Experience gift –

If you know your father is supercar crazy, why not book him in for a day driving Ferraris and Lamborghinis around a racetrack? Other experience gifts include a hot air balloon ride or a scuba diving course, the list is endless and a Google search will take you to a leading Australian experience gift provider. Maybe your brother would like to jump out of a plane at 12,000 ft; this can be arranged with a tandem skydive.

2. Gift cards –

You can’t go wrong with Australia’s leading gift cards company, with so many categories with top brands; the recipient will surely find a gift that they love, thanks to your ingenuity. This is the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything and you won’t have to worry whether or not they like your gift.

3. Smartphone case –

Have you seen some of the stylish and elegant smartphone cases on offer online? A genuine leather case that protects the device, plus you can have the unit personalised, which is a nice touch. If your mum loves her iPad, you can surprise her on Xmas Day with a chic tablet protector that is designed specifically for Apple products. Here are a few benefits of spending time alone.

4. Gym subscription –

If your best friend keeps saying they are going to lose weight, why not pay for 3 months with membership at their local gym? This subtle hint should do the trick and you could partner them for extra motivation and get fit yourself! MMA is all the rage and there are some great MMA gyms in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, where the recipient can learn self-defence techniques while boosting their fitness.

5. Nobility titles –

There is one company that, for a small fee, enables you to buy one square foot of land in the Scottish Highlands and this means the lucky recipient is officially a Lord or Lady and can use the title without reprisal. Google will take you to their website, where you can learn all about this really cool gift. The lucky recipient receives a land title certificate that shows the official title of Lord/Lady. The provider plants one tree per title and you are given Google Earth coordinates so you can view your land in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

We are edging closer to December and if you have yet to compile your Xmas gift list, there’s no time like the present to get started. We hope the above suggestions help you choose the right gift for each lucky recipient.

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