Sites that will be useful for newcomers to Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is one of the best shooter MMO projects that allows players to work together or alone to help humanity survive the alien invasion and explore new planets and territories, while protecting their lands.

Players will have to choose a game class, master the system of subclasses and grenades, learn how to get glitter and weapons, improve armor and upgrade their experience, not forgetting the raid and PVP system.

A beginner may not understand so many game mechanics at first, and even thoughtful training teaches only a superficial knowledge of movement and shooting, and not an understanding of the meta, so third-party sites dedicated entirely to Destiny 2 come to the rescue.

newcomers to Destiny 2

What sites can help a beginner:

  • Skycoach
  • Destiny 2 Fandom
  • Banjie forums


Skycoach is a service that specializes in helping players with Glitter, Leveling, Boosting, Coaching, Carry Raids and more.


Glitter is the key currency in the world of Destiny 2. They are used to purchase weapons and armor, special cartridges and grenades, the services of NPCs and other players are paid, contracts are updated, allowing you to almost endlessly generate experience by completing various tasks.

You can purchase glitters in unlimited quantities by interacting with the Skycoach manager with a money-back guarantee in case of disputes and disguising the transaction as a regular exchange to protect against interference by the game administration.


Coaching is one of the most useful services, as it allows you not only to get character upgrades, but also involves a detailed analysis of game mechanics and ways to play the selected hero in order to really improve your gaming skills and the quality of your game under the guidance of a professional Skycoach player.


Boosting is a service during which you transfer your account to a professional Skycoach player in order to receive a boosting service for a game character. The status of the order can be tracked on the site in real time, after the transaction it is advisable to change the password. The Skycoach service guarantees the safety of personal data, and the employee uses VPN to protect the account from potential sanctions from the gaming administration.

Destiny 2 Fandom

Fandom is a collection of useful information about almost every MMO project comparable to Wikipedia.

You can find information about NPCs, weapons and armor, descriptions of classes and subclasses.

There you can also read a brief history of each class.

So the titans are the knights who created the main city and swore an oath to protect it even at the cost of their own lives.

Warlocks are the righteous and the bearers of light in the world of Destiny 2. They have sworn to fight darkness in any of its manifestations.

Hunters – wanderers from the desert, who were forced by circumstances to leave their home. Living in dangerous places made them excellent archers and dagger masters. They have a branded cloak that combs them to the cult of contract hunters. By tradition, the hunter must take the cloak of the fallen brother and complete his contract.

Don’t forget about the system of classes and subclasses.

Each class can choose one of three subclasses, but a fourth one will be added soon – Standard. It will be added with the release of the Lightfall update, which will be released to the world in February 2023.

You can also read about all the main changes and how a skill or weapon with armor will be used in a future update on the Fandom website.

Banjie forums

The Banjie forums are a special place where players can get reliable information about Destiny 2 from other players.

A lot of topics have been created for the project, where the players themselves discuss all the questions they are interested in and, according to the answers, filter the information themselves and come to a consensus.

Everyone shares their personal experience and on the forums you can find information that you can’t read in patch notes.

For example, information about the future Lightfall update and the real strength of the Stand subclass, because developers often make an innovation too powerful at the start and gradually cut the strength with fixes.

The Stand can be especially useful for the Warlock class – after all, it is a full-fledged AoE unit and a new subclass will allow you to add a variation to the usual emptiness if you are playing a damage dealer build.

The Stand will allow the Warlock to use Shrapnel, a void-like boosted damage that will deal additional damage through shards and small projectiles.

The stand will also be useful for the titan, as it will add knives to the steel fists to deal bleeding damage to targets that dare to get close to the melee titan. How much more useful a Stand will be than lightning, which deals magic damage even with indirect contact with the target, remains to be seen.

For the hunter, the stand will be situational, since it will allow you to use melee weapons at a distance, but the hunter already deals heavy damage when choosing the sun subclass, so the new build may be ineffective and the release will show everything.

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