The Best Choices for Modern Home Design

It’s no wonder so many of us are doggedly pursuing a sense of modernity within our homes. It offers one of the most versatile and elegant options for anyone with an eye for interior design; whether you lean more towards stripped-back minimalism, or want to achieve that sophisticated and low-maintenance Scandinavian aesthetic, the appeal of modern home design is difficult to ignore.

Whether you have been decorating (and redecorating) your home for many years, or are new to the world of interior design, achieving a modern look is not always easy. Striking that balance between modernity and comfort can be a trial at first but, with our guide, you can create a stylish, inviting home to feel proud of.

If you are hoping to achieve a strong sense of modernity within your home, then here are some tips for creating a chic, contemporary palette that will truly withstand the test of time.

modern home design

Begin with the Flooring

The floors you choose have more of an impact on the final room than you might think. It sets the tone of the room and helps you to create a good foundation for everything else that you could want to add.

Although carpet can look great at first, it can quickly begin to look a little tired and worn down, which is why wood floors are considered a must for modern homes by many professional interior designers. They add a certain level of prestige to any room and offer a versatile choice that will not overshadow the rest of your décor.

Darker, more natural tones are, however, often associated with more rustic or classical homes, while a starker, monochromatic palette can add that extra touch of modernity we are all looking for. With this colour scheme, you can achieve that ‘pared back’ effect that makes a modern aesthetic so appealing.

Take, for example, grey wood flooring. Grey is a brilliant neutral that can totally transform a room, and lend itself to additional splashes of colour from your furnishings and artwork. Take a look at the wood floors here and see if they could fit with the room you have in mind:

Consider the Walls

Of course, anyone looking to create a modern home will find plenty of freedom with plain, unicolour walls – white, grey and beige all represent a more minimalistic departure from busy wallpapers and heavy colour, and they can allow more scope for hanging bold works of art on the walls.

Take a look at a few neutral colour palettes, and find one that appeals to you. If you want a little more room for creativity, then consider adding a feature wall into one of your rooms. In this way, you can explore pattern and colour without worrying that it will overwhelm the décor, and detract from that chic, modern aesthetic you are hoping to achieve.

Invest in Storage

One of the biggest things in modern home design is open spaces and clean lines. What doesn’t go well with these? Clutter. If you want to have a modern home as possible, you are probably going to need some storage solutions to help you hide some of the mess in your home and to maintain those sleek, clean lines that are so coveted by modern aficionados.

Choose roomy cupboards with doors that easily shut. You should also look into hidden storage items, such as footrests with a compartment inside. All of these can be brought together to create a space that feels incredibly well put together and, most importantly of all, comfortable and relaxing for you.

You need to think about practicalities when creating a new space, and storage should be something at the top of your considerations.

Think About Your Lighting

Lighting can be used to set the ambience of our rooms. More than mere practicality, you can design your lighting around the ambience you want to achieve, whether that is something bright and open, or warm and romantic. It all comes down to the lights. Lighting a room can be broken down into three areas – general, accent, and task. It is important that you cover each of these when designing a room.

General lighting is usually the top light. It should be the brightest, able to light the whole room on its own. Accent lighting can be used to draw the eye to a specific area, or used on its own to achieve a lower level of lighting in comparison to the top light. Finally, task lighting is used for something specific, like a desk lamp. Creating a mix of all three gives you the perfect basis to create the perfect space for all occasions.

Let Your Sense of Style Shine Through

These are some of the most practical steps you can take to achieve an elegant, modern look within your home, but you should always remember that the most inviting homes are those that feel truly unique and suited to the household. Your own personal sense of style should still be given plenty of space to show through, or you may begin to feel as though you are living in a showroom.

Remember to find space for your own individuality: family photos, prized possessions and unique artwork can complement a modern palette, and create a space that truly feels like home.

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