Katelyn Runck age, height, Instagram, wiki and lesser known facts

Katelyn Runck is one of the famous and fit American fitness athletes. She is well known to compete in the WBFF pro fitness model division. Well, quite famous for boasting an impressive resume in the field of modeling for world-class sports brands and clothing companies. Katelyn is also recognized as one of the best online coaches because of her expert advice which has developed a good number of people to fulfill their dream bodies. She bears an outstanding figure with being the best of fitness enthusiast across the world. Her motivation continues to motivate her ever-growing fan following with her great message to believe in herself and take on challenges with moving ahead and keeping deep belief in self. She has built an outstanding body. The best thing is she keeps motivating people to maintain the best of their figure by taking challenges in building their best of the body with building the best of the figure.

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Katelyn Runck age, height, Instagram, wiki and lesser-known facts

Real NameKatelyn Runck
Date of Birth20th July 1991
Place of BirthNorth Dakota, USA
ProfessionFitness Model, Influencer
Age29 Years as of Nov 2020
Height178 cm
Relationship StatusNot Known
Net Worth500k $ estimated
NationalityUnited States
Social MediaInstagram – katelyn_runck

Twitter –  KatelynRunck

Her build-up

Getting fit is one of the most popular types of passion and trending now. She is one of the best and famous beauty fitness and fashion diva fitness professional who is popular for sharing her steamy modeling posts on social media. Katelyn is the owner and wellness director of the medical aesthetic clinic which is called the lifestyle savvy and boutique. The fitness expects to achieve big milestones in her professional career and is going on in the personal life of Katelyn.

Katelyn Runck Instagram

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Katelyn runch was born on 20th July 1991 in North Dakota, USA. As per reports, she lived her early life on the farm near Fargo North with her three siblings. She is quite impressive and has always insinuated that she has a great time with her children growing up with her family.  The career of Katelyn started with rocky mountain Laser College in Denver before gaining admission into the national laser institute in Scottsdale and later graduated from the American Institute of intradermal cosmetic. As per sources, she also attended the Hollywood airbrush academy in California.

Fitness and modeling career

Katelyn Runck got her modeling career even when she was in high school. She pursued her career as a runway model in Chicago and her early modeling career got affected by eating disorders that often let her lie down at the hospital. After a certain time, she got into a certain urgent need to change her lifestyle for her survival. So after she got discharged from the hospital, she thought to enroll in CNA for earning her a medical aesthetic license. Thereafter she introduced herself to the beauty and wellness industry. It was Katelyn who began her career traveling for her profession around the USA in attending a good number of workshops and conferences promoting fitness and beauty through health service products and technology.

With her need to build her body to an enviable level, she built on with an unrelated strenuous training workout. A lot of her workouts are based on cardio that helped her burn her body fat ensuring a slim figure as well as heavy weightlifting rounds that she does to achieve the best of her physique which she deserves at best.

Her practice regime

Katelyn Runck kept on practicing with repetition ranging from around 8 to 12 reps per set with an intensity of around 3-5 sets per exercise and 20 sets per workout. Above that, on certain special occasions, she prepared for some competitions or shoots.  It was around 2011 when she was approached by women in the gym and was quite impressed by her physique. She took part in a bikini contest and learned a lot from that as well. She became interested and even loved to post with the idea of posing in the crowd. She also got into her first amateur show in the year and since the time she has not looked back for the stunning Courtney and headed for several competitions.

Katelyn has an average built up with 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She never believed in following bulking season like most of the bodybuilders. It is Katelyn who believes to be unhealthy but has well-balanced nutritional planning with training all throughout the year which is better for her healthy body and mind. For competitions, she weighs around 120 lbs/5.4kg and stands between 100/110lbs for competitions.

Katelyn Runck Net worth

Katelyn Runck has worked hard over years. Her property estimates to range around $ 250,000 to $ 500,000. She belongs to struggle around and has owned her life with her fortune with her career as a bodybuilder and social media star among other things.  She is also the owner of a YouTube channel with over 66,000 subscribers with an Instagram account that is close to half a million followers. She also ears huge followers on social media platforms. Her performances carry great remark with being sponsored by gym shark with her line of clothing. In another way, she adds money to her fortune by various endorsement deals with brands that deal with products that are associated with bodybuilding.

Personal life

The woman is a great mark of beauty. She is not married but is in a relationship with her fellow bodybuilder Chris Bumstead. The couple started dating around November 2018. They met after she made a video of two competitors who competed in the Olympia. One of whom happened to be Chris while the other was Ryan terry. Chris experienced problems which he shared on social media and after looking into that she crept to his page and seeping that he is a family-oriented person and she became the first person to slip into his DM. but he didn’t reply to her and she messaged him again and then a third time.


She also is planning for better options in the future and is making a great startup with her career. She is quite beautiful with a super figure that is quite appreciable with blue eyes and blonde hair. She is also beautiful with big eyes which look very appealing and long silky hairs. Katelyn born in North Dakota and is the youngest of four children. She is one of the best models noted ahead.

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