Digital Photo Booth: How to Find the Best Photo Booth Rental Services

Presently, photo booths are a must-have for parties, quinceaneras, events, and weddings. They’re a great way to entertain your guests for hours on end. Your guests will also enjoy taking their pictures home or share them on social media while at the event.

With the huge demand for digital photo booth rentals, several companies are popping up everywhere. Thus, choosing the best photo booth company is a challenging and overwhelming task.

While it may appear like they all say the same thing in their emails and website, making it impossible to find the best photo booth rental out there, we’re here to help.

The following are tips on finding the best photo booth for your events. You can also get more information about digital photo booths from Studio Z here.


When searching for the best photo booth rental, it’d be best to have a budget and look for a rental service that matches your budget without compromising quality. However, don’t forget that low price often results in low quality, so don’t set your budget too low.

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● Type of Photo Booth

There are several types of photo booths, so ensure the photo booth rental you hire has various options. One is the open-air photo booth with a control station housing the equipment and the background set up separately, allowing for more guests, better light distribution depth, and larger light sources.

Another is an enclosed photo booth where guests can step into a compact box to take pictures. However, these booths don’t allow the best lighting because the lights are so close to the guests.

The presence of tiny light sources in enclosed photo booths means harsher shadows.


Seeing as photography is primarily about light, not knowing how to set the lighting will mean that either the photo comes out overly bright or too dark.

Therefore ask the rental company if they use light modifiers that enable the photos to look better with more even light distribution and softer shadows. The best digital photo booth online rentals know how to set up lighting for the perfect images.


One thing you must check before deciding on a photo booth rental is the print quality. The brightness and color accuracy must be perfectly blended. Simply put, the pictures shouldn’t look nice on the screen but come out looking dark, too bright, or pale.

The best photo booth will be proficient in color-matching the prints to what’s available on the screen. That way, the printed pictures will be the same as what’s on the photo booth’s screen.


Check the company’s props. Low-quality photo booth rentals use poor-quality props for their pictures.

Simply put, the stick props’ light reflection will affect the custom embellishment in the printout, making it look washed out due to the flash’s reflection.

A good photo booth rental will use only quality stick props that won’t reflect light. That way, your pictures will show the embellishments you used for creating the photo.


The photo booth backdrop is essential, so put that into consideration when hiring a rental service. Some digital photo booth rentals might use fabrics with wrinkles, while others may have backdrop stands with legs sticking out, which might cause trip hazards.

High-quality photo booths have snugly fitting backdrops with quality prints. Some also provide sequin backdrops. Most importantly, they’ll only have backdrop stands with flat bases to prevent trip hazards.


Most photo booth companies offer many features; however, you may be required to pay an extra fee for them. Some of these features include social media sharing, GIFs, filter prints, green screen technology, and online digital photo access.

If you decide to use most of these features, ensure you ask them if there’s an additional fee for the elements. Else you’ll be shocked when you get the final quote.



One thing you’ll need to pay maximum attention to when looking to hire a digital photo booth machine is the company’s reviews. Thus, researching a photo booth rental service is highly essential. That way,  you can discover whether past clients were satisfied working with them.

It’ll be riskier hiring a company with little or no review. While they may not do an awful job, you wouldn’t want to jeopardize your event to find out. Thus, photo booth rentals that have been in business for a while with enough reviews will likely do a great job at your event.

● Customer Service

One thing you must pay attention to when hiring a photo booth rental is the company’s customer service. Any rental service you choose should readily respond to inquiries.

The on-site attendants should also be polite, helping guests to have fun at the event. The last thing you’ll need is a rental service leaving you high and dry a few days to the event.

Custom Photo Book Options

Ask the photo booth rental service if they offer custom photo book options. Sometimes called a photo booth scrapbook or photo album, a photo book is a great way to retain memories of your events and refer to them in the future. Therefore, ask if the photo booth rental service offers this option if you’re interested in having one.

You can choose to customize it with the text, date, or name you prefer. There will also be available slots inside the pages to add your photo strips. Depending on your preference, the digital photo booth rental company can turn it into a fun scrapbook by adding glue sticks or markers.


When searching for a photo booth rental service, put your guests first. You’re responsible for their entertainment, so make sure you go all out to get the best. While there are many photo booth rental companies, it’s often tricky finding the best one amongst them all. So use the tips mentioned above to pick the best.

Don’t forget that photo booths are versatile enough to be enjoyed both by the old and young. What’s more? It’s a form of side entertainment, seeing as your guests will never be bored.

So contact Studio Z Photo Booth today for your upcoming event. Besides selling the selfie station photo booth for sale to corporate organizations, you’ll find everything you need to make your event memorable when you visit the Studio Z website today.

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