How To Style Hoops for Any Occasion

Hoop earrings can be worn for just about any occasion. Whether you’re going for a casual daytime look or heading out for a night on the town, it’s a versatile style of jewelry that can be both fun and classy. But how do you choose which hoop earrings are the best to wear for your event or outing? The earrings you choose for a black-tie wedding surely won’t be the same earrings you wear every day. In this guide, you’ll learn more about how to style hoops for any occasion!

How To Style Hoops for Any Occasion

Pick a hoop size depending on your face shape.

For this guide to hoop earrings, the first factor to consider is size. If you’re trying to decide between a big hoop or a medium hoop, you might want to consider your face shape first. For example, if you have a round face shape, then you might want to opt for tiny hoops. Because a smaller hoop is dainty and typically hugs your earlobes, the roundness of the hoop earring is less likely to emphasize the roundness of your face shape. If you have a square or diamond face shape, then you might want to consider larger hoops. The roundness of a large hoop can soften the angles of your facial features.

Choose huggie earrings for everyday wear.

Larger hoops tend to make a big statement when they’re worn. So, if you’re looking for a hoop that will go with any casual outfit, you might want to choose huggies like Kendra Scott’s Keeley Huggie Earrings in Sterling Silver. These are small hoop earrings that wrap around your ear lobes and are a bit more simple and understated. You can also think of huggies as the foundation of your earring style. When you have multiple piercings, this is a great way to start. Then, you can incorporate other intricate details with huggies. You might choose a simple gold hoop, then elevate it with huggies that have crystals or gemstones.

Save the diamond hoop earrings for a special occasion.

diamond hoop earrings

If you’re attending a fancy work event or wedding or celebrating your anniversary, you may want to opt for hoop earrings with a gemstone. Kendra Scott has a timeless option in the Elora 14k White Gold Hoop Earrings in White Diamond. These earrings truly make an elegant statement. And choosing hoops with a gemstone is a chic way of adding some sparkle to your ensemble. With diamonds on a sleek frame of white gold hoops, it adds interest to a classic silhouette. For this style of hoop, you’ll want to choose a hairstyle that’s pinned back to really show off the sparkle. Choose a sleek black dress and a black or silver pair of pumps to help your jewelry stand out.

When in doubt, stick to the basics.

If you’re not sure which pair of hoops to choose, you can never go wrong with a classic design in a precious metal that complements your skin tone. The Hammered Hoop Earrings in Gold at Kendra Scott are lightweight and they’re easy to pair with pretty much any outfit—casual or not. The Audrey 14k Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings in White Diamond are also a great option. It freshens up the classic yellow gold hoop with the addition of a .05 carat diamond.

Check out the Kendra Scott jewelry collection for the best hoop earrings. There are plenty of designs with intricate details, as well as classic and timeless pieces that are made to last. Don’t hesitate to wear your hair up once in a while and let your hoop earrings steal the show! And most of all, have fun showing off your unique style.

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