7 Ways to Get the Latest Coupons, Offers, and Deals Straight to Your Inbox

For so many years, coupons, offers, and deals have been a major driving force for customers. They have been able to attract new customers and convert a majority of them. As a customer, you are able to access a deal that guarantees massive savings, extra value or both. On the other hand, retailers can use coupons and deals to attract more customers and to improve sales.

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Ways to Get the Latest Coupons

The problem is that searching for these deals can be a frustrating experience. It’s not easy to jump from one site to another trying to find the best deals. Likewise, it’s depressing to have to wait a whole week for the Sunday papers to find coupons. What if there’s a way to get the notifications in your inbox as soon as the offers are launched? Actually, there are several ways to achieve this, including:

1. Sign Up for Newsletters

Companies regularly attach the latest coupons and deals to the newsletters that they send to subscribers. The more newsletters you sign up for, the higher the chance of receiving the latest offers. Signing up for more newsletters also give you the advantage of comparing deals from different retailers.

2. Register for Deal Alerts

There are so many coupon sites such as celsius promo code that you can visit and get the opportunity to customize deal alerts Using their mobile apps, you can set alerts for deals that you like and you’ll be notified via email when they are available.

3. Abandon Your Cart

When you sign up for a merchant’s account, you’ll be provided with the option of using your email address. The address is automatically saved in the retailer’s database so that they can monitor your shopping behavior. In case you leave items in your shopping carts, the retailer will send a coupon to your inbox to convince you to go back and complete the purchase.

4. Drop Your Email on Social Media

If there are stores that you like visiting or products that you prefer, there are high chances that they have social media pages. You can visit the pages and inquire about special offers and deals. You’ll be asked to drop your email to be notified when the offers are available.

5. Accept Push Notifications

In most cases, when you visit a coupon or deal site, you’ll be asked if you would like to receive notifications for deals. What you need to do is just to accept. This gives you the advantage of receiving alerts for the deals in your inbox as soon as they are available.

6. Email the Manufacturer

If you email the manufacturer to inquire about the latest deals and offers, it’s obvious that they’ll respond to you through the same channel. The email response may be immediate or may take time. It depends on whether the offers are available at the time of inquiry or not.

7. Enroll in Loyalty Programs

Lastly, you can join loyalty programs offered by different retail stores that you like visiting. This gives you the advantage of receiving exclusive discount offers and fair deals directly to your inbox as soon as they are active. Provided that you are a loyal customer, you’ll enjoy perks such as vouchers and gift cards. You also have the chance to earn reward points that you can redeem for a ticket or a product.

In general, nothing is as fulfilling to a consumer as waking up in the morning to find a fair deal in their inbox. To enjoy this, you have to take action. It begins by implementing the above-highlighted practices. They are what you need to save big this year on product and service deals.

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