5 Must-Have Items You Should Have at Your Office Desk

Do you have enough space on your office desk to add a few extra trinkets and productivity items?

While the look of a clear, minimalist desk can be nice, it doesn’t hurt to get a few things that can make your work experience more pleasant and productive.

Not sure what to get? You don’t want to over-clutter, but what are a few good things that can add just the right touch to your workspace?

We’re here to help. Keep reading for our favorite office necessities that you can pick up today.

Office Desk items

1. A Stylish Calendar

Many people have given up their physical or paper calendars in favor of the ones that they keep in their pockets or on their computers. It’s just easier to have everything made digital, right?

Well, maybe, but there’s something about having a physical calendar in your space that makes time more tangible. It’s also so satisfying being able to mark days off one by one as they pass by and circle your “goal days” for vacations or fun activities.

Using a physical calendar is more mindful and you can use it as a decoration! Either buy one that suits you or use a free calendar maker online.

2. A Desk Caddy

A desk caddy, or a desk organizer, is a must-have for anyone prone to a messy workspace.

These little organizers come in all kinds of styles, whether you want something plain and minimalist like a black plastic organizer that can blend into your desk or you’re into something a little more “you”.

They’re great for those things that you need to reach for every day that shouldn’t be tucked away in drawers.

3. A Desktop Vacuum

Do you find yourself snacking on the job? There’s nothing wrong with eating a cupcake in the middle of your workday, but what do you do with all of the inevitable crumbs? You can wipe them away and leave smudges or have them swept onto the floor or your lap. Those aren’t good options.

This is where the desktop vacuum comes in. They’re cute mouse-sized devices that can get rid of those pesky crumbs (as well as eraser dust, hair, or whatever else you’ve got going on).

4. Cable Organizers

Are you the kind of person that has all of your cords from chargers and technology tangled underneath your desk by your feet?

You’ll untangle them eventually, right? It’s a daunting task though and it would be best if the tangle never happened.

This is where cable organizers come in. For such small and innocuous items, they might be your best purchase of the year.

5. Succulents

This one won’t help with your productivity but it might help with your mood.

Keeping a small living thing at your desk would normally be a “no-no” as far as work rules go, but they can be bent for a succulent plant.

These plants are cute and low-maintenance, making them perfect for the office. Going on vacation? No problem, they can be left alone or watered once by a coworker.

Plants can also help your mood, keeping you cheerier at work.

What’s at Your Office Desk?

Do you have any of these items at your office desk? Use them to add some style and some productivity to your workday. You’ll be wondering how you lived without them!

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