Gym Workouts for Weight Loss

In my personal experience, the best way that can help you losing weight is by joining a gym, hiring an experienced instructor, and exercising regularly. A gym has fitness equipment and instructors, who can guide you in proper gym workouts to lose weight. Most gyms also have in-house nutritionists, who help you choose a diet suitable for your body type. Gymnasiums offer different packages, so select a weight loss package, which contains cardiovascular exercises, weight training and also gives you an option of training with an instructor. If you want more facilities, you can also opt for a sauna.

If you are opting for a weight loss program, it is important to target your ideal weight as per your height, or the proper body mass index (BMI). If you want to know more about your ideal weight, browse through this height weight ratio chart. Once you have calculated your BMI, you can figure out the amount of weight you need to lose. A gym workout for weight loss should consist of full body workouts and weight training to reduce fat and increase muscle weight.

Gym Workouts for Weight Loss

Full Body Workouts

Before starting any exercise in a gym, it is important that you do a warm-up. A warm-up has to be of 10 minutes, and can also be mild jogging. Cardiovascular exercises help you burn calories quickly. The fitness equipment in gyms helps you with workouts, which are suited for specific body parts. Here are the best full body gym workouts to lose weight fast.


They are one of the most common fitness equipment present in a gym and using them is one of the basic gym workouts for weight loss. Set the treadmill on a low setting and start walking, then shift to medium setting for mild jogging and 5 minutes, later start running.


To use cross-trainers, also called elliptical machines, one needs a little practice as it involves the coordination of hands and legs. This exercise helps to burn calories fast, and you will be sweating after a mere 10-minute workout.

Multi-Hip Machine

Everybody wants to have a lean waist and flat stomach and this is one of the best gym workouts for women if that is your ultimate aim. This machine is a staple piece of equipment and is a constituent of most good gym workouts to burn fat, especially for people who have excess fat around their waist. If you regularly exercise on this machine, you will definitely see a loss of inches from your waist.


Many gyms have aerobic classes. Aerobic exercises are helpful for weight loss and are full body workouts but you burn calories faster by working out on a treadmill or cross-trainer.

Weight Training

Weight training is very essential after finishing exercises that involve cardio exertion. It is one of the essential gym workouts for men and women. One loses body fat quickly with cardio, but sometimes the muscles start to sag. Weight training will help you tone your body muscles, which will make you look attractive. For example, if you have excess fat under your arm, with triceps and biceps weight training, you will lose weight on your arm, and tone your arm. An added advantage of weight training is that your metabolic rate improves.

Always ensure that you hire an instructor for weight training. The instructor will guide you in the right postures, help you in heavyweight training and prevent you from causing any injuries to yourself. A piece of advice if you are not comfortable with the instructor; talk to the gym manager and get your instructor changed. Given below, are some weight training gym workouts to lose weight fast.

  • Shoulders – lateral raise and shoulder press.
  • Biceps – bicep curls.
  • Triceps – tricep extensions.
  • Chest – bench press and chest fly.
  • Abdominal exercises – ab crunch and waist turns.
  • Hips – hip abduction.
  • Back – pull-ups and pull-downs.
  • Front of the legs – squats, lunges, leg press, and leg extensions.
  • Back of the legs – calf raises and leg curls.

For some exercises, you don’t need machines but just weights. For exercises like hip abduction, there is a machine that you use in such a way that it impacts your hips.


Along with all the above exercises, it is very important that you eat right for healthy weight loss. If you are hiring a nutritionist, you would be advised about a proper diet but in case you are not, follow these tips. Maintain a daily diary of all the food items you eat and ensure that you don’t overeat. Try to eat healthy foods, and avoid fatty food, which is difficult for the body to digest. If you are not hungry, but still feel like eating something, then chew gum or make yourself a light salad. Avoid sugary sodas and fried food. Instead, opt for fresh fruit salads and a balanced diet. You should avoid eating meals more than 4 times a day. Try to clean your body from the inside, by drinking 1 cup of carrot juice at least three times a week as this will also improve your digestion. Eating fast food is okay but only once a month. Make sure that the number of calories you eat is less than the number of calories you burn in the gym. Also, avoid any crash dieting as it will only weaken your immunity, and the sagging of body muscles, will lead to stretch marks and believe me once you get those ugly stretch marks, it is almost impossible to get rid of them!

So, this was all about gym workouts to lose weight fast. If you really want to lose weight, you have to strictly follow two things, regular exercise and eating right. So, join a gym, use the above information on gym workouts for weight loss, and in a few months, you will shed those excess pounds and have an attractive well-toned body!

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