6 Foods for Healthy Uterus – Women

It is important for women to take special care of their health. If they are self-sufficient then only they will be able to take care of their family well. There are many problems which are the personal problems of women. He can not talk to anyone openly about this. Due to delivery or physical impairment in women, weakness in the kidneys comes. Add these to your diet to remove the weakness of the Uterus.

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1. Fiber

Dietary Fiber is obtained from all edible plant produce like vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and is referred to Roughage, that part of the food which cannot be digested by the Human intestine and is excreted out along with faecal matter without being digested. It offers no nutrient or calories to the body.

Depending on the solubility of the fiber in water, there are two kinds of Dietary Fiber:

Insoluble Fiber as constituted in the cell wall and woody parts of the plants. Whole Wheat Flour, Bran of different flours, raw vegetables and whole gram offer insoluble fibers.

Soluble Fiber obtained from gums and pectin’s found in apples, guavas, strawberries, carrots, citrus fruits like oranges, cereals like Oats, legumes, barley.

Role of Fiber in Human Body

1. Insoluble fibers increase faecal bulk and frequency of stools hence carrying all toxins with it.

2. Dietary Fiber is devoid of nutrients so it helps maintain satiety without providing calories. It also cuts down the absorption of fat from the diet.

3. Soluble Fibers delay movement of food matter in the intestine and hence allow absorption of nutrients from food.

4. Dietary Fiber reduces the requirement of insulin and when combined with calorie reduced diet helps maintain blood sugar levels.

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