Five Facts about Cervical Cancer that Could Save Your Life

As we all are familiar with the various disease, we know that Cancer is the king of all the deadly diseases. Cancer is a cluster of diseases that involve the abnormal growth of cells which transform into malignant tumors and they attack other parts of a body. There are several types of cancers such as Lung cancer, Cervical cancer, Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer, and many more.

Cancer is the deadliest disease is curable but its treatment is very painful and it makes a person depressed and unhappy. The cure consists of two procedures, Chemotherapy and Radiation. Chemotherapy is the treatment in which chemical substances and drugs are used to treat the tumors. After chemotherapy, patients are exposed to radiations of X-rays or Gamma rays which kills the deadly cells.

Among many types of cancers, Cervical cancer, also known as Silent Killer, is one of the few cancers which is only found in women. Cervical cancer is cancer that develops in the cervix; a chamber formed neck of tissue that interfaces the vagina and uterus, situated at the lowermost part of the uterus. The cancer is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), an infection that is transferred through sexual activities.

Cervical Cancer

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Cervical cancer can be incurable if not treated at the right time. It can spread to other parts of the body and can become deadly. Cervical cancer is initiated by HPV infection which is transferred during sex. Women in the late mid-twenties and late thirties are at higher risk of having cervical cancer. But women above the late thirties are also advised to have a regular HPV test to ensure good health.

Most women are not aware of the symptoms of cervical cancer, so let us tell you what the symptoms of an early stage of cervical cancer are:

  • Blood spots or light seeping between or following periods
  • Menstrual draining that is longer and heavier than expected
  • Seeping after intercourse, douching, or a pelvic assessment
  • Expanded vaginal release
  • Agony during sex
  • Seeping after menopause 
  • Unexplained, diligent pelvic or potentially back torment

If you or any other friend or relative of yours is seeing or feeling these symptoms, do not hesitate or be worried, just file a request to schedule an appointment with our highly experienced and best doctors or pay a visit to our health center. This might be the early stage of cancer that can be cured easily but if it grows and reaches the last stages, it might be incurable.

There are five facts about Cervical Cancer that can save your life:

1. HPV is the #1 Cause of Cervical Cancer:

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the most widely recognized explicitly communicated contamination, however not all strains are sent explicitly. The HPV that prompts cervical malignant growth and different genuine medical issues is viewed as high-hazard HPV.

2. Cervical malignant growth can be asymptomatic.

A lady can have malignant growth without knowing it. A Pap test can let you know whether your cervix is ordinary or not. On the off chance that it isn’t typical, the prior malignant growth is discovered, the simpler it is to fix.

3. Smokers are twice as likely to develop Cervical Cancer:

Smoking debilitates your invulnerable framework, making you more helpless against the human papillomavirus (HPV). If you are a smoker, it is advised to stop this habit of yours to ensure your minimal risk of Cervical cancer, and to look for far-reaching screening. Other factors such as intake of birth controlling pills, indulged in sex at a young age, weak immune system, and having more than one sexual partner, can increase the risk of Cervical cancer.

4. Cervical malignancy is a typical disease and is preventable.

It is 99% treatable if diagnosed early. Pap tests are utilized to recognize sickness and can spare your life. Because cervical malignancy is usually brought about by HPV, it very well may be forestalled with the HPV inoculation.

5. Just certain strains of HPV cause disease:

HPV is not generally a malignancy pointer. HPV is a gathering of more than 150 related infections. Most people who have ever engaged in sexual relations will get HPV sooner or later in their lives. And keeping in mind that there are strains that can cause cervical malignancy and make it the top reason for the sickness.

If you keep these facts in your mind, we are sure every woman can minimize the risk of having this cancer. Around the world, the cervical disease is both the fourth-most normal reason for malignant growth and the fourth-most regular reason for death from disease in ladies.

Cervical cancer can be treated by doing surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a treatment that helps our immune system fight cancer cells, infections, and diseases. It increases the number of white blood cells in our blood system which act as bodyguards towards diseases attacking our bloodstream.

If you are facing any of the symptoms or are indulged in practicing the risk factors mentioned above, just drop by Woman’s Health Centers – Kissimmee Women’s OGBYN Health Clinic to discuss with the physicians.

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