Brandon Routh Height, Age, Wife, movies and TV Shows, Instagram and lesser known facts

Brandon Routh is one of those names whose presence in the movie Superman made memorable and awesome. Superman Returns, this movie got released in the year 2006 and since then he is a known name. He has even played Daniel Shaw in the TV Comedy show Chuck also the role of Ray Palmer in the series Legends of Tomorrow. He got much popularity because of his acting skills and today he is the favorite of so many.

Brandon Routh

Brandon Routh Height, Age, Wife, movies and tv showns, Instagram and lesser known facts

Real NameBrandon James Routh, B.J Routh
Date of BirthOctober 9, 1979 ( Des Moines, Iowa, U.S. )
Age41 Years ( Nov 2020 )
Height189 cm
ProfessionTelevision Actor, Model, Soap Opera Actor, Video Game Artist
Brandon Routh WifeCourtney Ford
ChildrenLeo James ( Son )
Known ForSuperman Movies
Social MediaInstagram – @ brandonjrouth

Twitter – @ BrandonJRouth

Brandon Routh Basic Information

He is an American Film and Television actor and he has got much popularity for so many reasons. There are many works that brought him name and fame and in the year 2011, he played the titular character in the film Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. His role in the NBC series Chuck, as Daniel Shaw, on the other hand, he has also played supporting roles that equally played an important role in his life. His roles whether small or bigger have indeed played a great role in his life. His every role got recognition and popularity and his presence was recognized. He had even this supporting role in the films like Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Scott Pilgrim vs. the world.

About his early life

His early life has been the most precious moment in his life and it has indeed changed everything in his life. Routh is the third of the four children and he was born in Des Moines, Iowa, to Catherine LaVonne (nee Lear), a teacher and Ronald Wayne Routh is a carpenter. But he was even got raised in nearby Norwalk. His family belongs to a Methodist family and he has even English, Scottish, German, and Dutch Ancestry. His childhood life went under learning and he grew up with his siblings. However, he hardly speaks about his family and anything about his personal life. But in all his interviews, he said about his personal life that he has spent the best childhood life. He shares a good bonding with his siblings and they are friends forever. Their presence made him a good person and it also taught him a lot. He is so close to his mother that people used to call him ’Momma’s boy and also the most popular kiddo at home. So he was very dear at his home and his siblings also loved him so much.

About his career

It was so magical his journey of becoming an actor because at his early age he had thought of becoming something else. But has destiny left him on a completely different journey? In the year 1999, he completed his degree from the university and went to Manhattan and Los Angeles. There he also pursued a full-time acting career and there he tried many other things too like the music video for ‘what a Girl wants’. But it was 1999 when he got his first acting role and since then his world moved to a different world.

Number of works done by him

In many of his interviews, he is found saying that no number of movies matter to him but the quality of works matters for him. Though, he has worked in the movies like Anastasia: Once Upon A Time, The Flash, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Home Movie: The Princess Bride and Batwoman, Supergirl etc, they all brought him much recognition. Moreover, his acting skills got recognized by critics and his fans. He says, that is all that matters and that is all that helps people to grow.

What kept him motivated?

Because when people take birth in family-like Routh’s where children are bestowed with all the love and care. It really changed the world for many ones and when it did mine it only motivated me. All the love I received at home from parents, siblings kind of motivated me and also become my fire inside. Other things that shaped me throughout my journey were my own learning. It taught me to never give up and it also taught me about many things.

It was the thing which helped me to grow not just as an artist but also as a person. So no one but it was my own circumstances, my own experience, and my own people who shaped my world and always motivated me in times of despair. Sometimes people have to go through many things in their lives but many people during those tough times give up. So I just want to say people must not give up and people need to focus on few things and life will just pass tough times and take you to the good times.

What message do you want to give?

Youths come to the world of acting with so many dreams but most of the dreams are artificial or fake because they are not aware of the path. There is a process for everything and people have to go through those processes and when they are ready to pass all those processes then they meet the right thing. They must understand the thing before they plan only then they can truly understand their plans.


You can follow him on his special media account and you can even download all his messages. You can know about him everything although he is active on social media. But he does not share about his family and personal life much but he shares everything about his profession. He is very much active on social media and you can stay connected with us and know more about him. We are here with the help because we have all the information about all the celebrities and we bring everything at once place. Here you can even download his pictures, videos and collect all the information about him and know him more.

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