7 Careers That Are Perfect for Extroverted People

If you frequently find yourself talking to new people, you might be an extrovert, so check out our list of career ideas for extroverted people.

Are you naturally outgoing and confident? Do you frequently find yourself talking to new people in social settings?

If so, you’re probably an extrovert. And if you’re currently in college and thinking about potential career paths, you’re in the right place.

Opportunities for extroverts are vast and extremely rewarding. Here’s our list of seven jobs that could be perfect for you!


1. Recruiter

The average salary of a recruiter in the United States is around $48,661, According to Indeed.com.

Recruiters do exactly what you’d think they do — recruit employees, students, and volunteers. They do most of the legwork in finding and hiring the best talent for their organizations.

Recruiting is great for extroverts because it involves outreach, tabling at conventions, and working closely with the interview team during the recruitment process.

This job gives you a chance to exercise your extroverted personality at every turn!

2. Event Planner

The average salary of an event planner is around $51,000 per year, which can change significantly depending on your location. You’re likely to make more in states like New York and California, where venues and caterers cost more.

Event planners oversee all the moving parts of the event they’re planning. They plan everything from the food to parking arrangements, and it’s their responsibility to make sure the entire event goes off without a hitch.

Event planners can work as freelancers or as full-time employees with a company. Either way, this job entails the same general work requirements.

This is a fantastic career for extroverts because you get to organize and attend large social events all the time, leaving you nothing but opportunities to be your outgoing self!

3. Customer Success Manager (CSM)

The average salary of a Customer Success Manager (CSM) is around $74,000. That seems like a great starting salary for anyone right out of college!

CSMs are there to ensure that the customer not only enjoys your company’s product but that they want to keep coming back.

If you’re an extrovert and love being friendly and taking care of others, this career field might be just for you. It may take some time, as the CSM isn’t typically an entry-level position, but it may not take you long to get there if you’re the right kind of extrovert!

4. Registered Nurse

The average salary of a registered nurse (RN) is $77,460. You’ll have to go to school for a little bit longer than you would if you went into one of the other career paths listed here, but it will pay off if you love being around people.

RN is a great career path for extroverts. Being able to strike up a conversation with someone who’s sick or in pain can be a wonderful thing, as it might just make the difference in that patient’s day!

5. Sales Representative

The average salary of a sales representative is $71,110 in the United States. That number can vary greatly depending on what you’re selling, and social skills can certainly help you succeed.

Sales spend their days making cold calls, following up on leads, conducting sales appointments, and filing paperwork when closing deals.

The majority of a sales representative’s work time is spent talking to other people, and building relationships is the key to success in this field, making it ideal for extroverts!

6. Flight Attendant

The average salary for flight attendants in the United States is $78,286, making it one of the highest-paid entry-level positions on the job market.

If you’ve ever flown on a commercial airliner, you know almost exactly what flight attendants do. On top of their ritual seatbelt and emergency oxygen mask demonstrations, they tend to passengers’ needs from takeoff until touchdown.

Flight attendants do everything from providing drinks and snacks to administering first aid in the event of a medical emergency.

This is great for extroverts who are interested in traveling and constantly meeting new people. If you want to see where life can take you, try becoming a flight attendant!

7. Social Work and Community Health

The median salary of a social worker is $49,470. This field typically requires a degree or experience in social work, but it can be extremely rewarding for any extrovert willing to commit.

Social workers help to protect vulnerable children and provide support for families in need. Those working in community health help people navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.

Social work is a great career for any extrovert with a passion for helping others, as you’ll spend your days meeting new people and seeing that their needs are met.


Whether you’re looking to start a new career today or just window-shopping for the future, we think these seven career paths will be extremely rewarding for any extrovert.

Some jobs do require additional training and experience, but at the end of the day, all you really have to do is be yourself!

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