5 Useful Tips to Achieve the Smart Casual Look for Men

Most men would like to describe their fashion sense as smart casual. But the true definition of the term can be loosely used. According to the Oxford Dictionary description, smart casual is a kind of fashion style where people usually wear neat clothes but not formal. It is often the dress code for events that do not require their attendees to don elegant clothes like gowns and tuxedos.

Yet when you look for a guide about how you can pull off a smart casual look, you will see an overwhelming range of suggestions. Some style guides would say that you can wear shorts or cargo pants to pass as a smart casual look, while others would include regular T-shirts and work pants in their list of attire that belongs in this category. Brands like Dickies Clothing usually make pieces that you can consider as smart casual.

Trying to pull off this style without committing any fashion faux pas can be challenging, here are several smart casual style tips you need to know.

Smart Casual Look for Men

Tip #1: Fix Your Style

You can achieve this smart casual look by wearing pressed pants or trousers, polished shoes, and clean shirts. It means that you must only wear fresh pieces of clothing to meet your smart casual look. Wearing something stained or wrinkled clothes or a soiled pair of shoes will only make you look scuffed and dishevelled, which will outplay the purpose of your chosen style.

Tip #2: Use Alternatives 

Since this style can be challenging to define, bring several options when attending an event that requires you to follow a smart casual dress code. You may match your favourite duckies Clothing work pants and a plain shirt jacket with a plaid tie, or carry a casual coat with you if you want to appear dressier but not too formal. You should also look for the best pair of shoes that could go well with pants.

Tip #3: Go for Lighter Shades 

Darker colours like black and navy blue often look more formal. You can make your attire more casual by choosing pieces of clothing in lighter hues like khaki or light grey. As an example of a smart casual ensemble, you can put on your go-to stonewashed jeans, a plain white shirt, a military green bomber jacket, and a pair of white trainers.

Tip #4: Pick Smoother Fabrics 

Another way to look casual is to look for clothes with a smoother texture. Most of the formal pieces of clothing for men usually come in wool or similar fabrics. But you can easily tone it down and make it more casual by replacing it with something made from tweed or matte flannel. These materials can also make the clothes appear larger, which can increase its relaxed vibe.

Tip #5: Invest in A Good Blazer 

Men could quickly turn their work clothes into a smart casual look by putting a good blazer on top. They can put it over a regular shirt, jeans, or trainers to achieve the look that you are aiming for. Make sure to look for a blazer that has a slightly slimmer frame. It would also look great if you find a blazer with custom patches pocket.

Aiming for a smart casual look does not have to be challenging. You only need to look for classic and timeless pieces that you could mix and match so you can experiment with your style. It would also help if you stuck to the basics like polo shirts, khaki pants, and dark denim to achieve a smart casual look.


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