What is Palliative care?

Palliative care is simply the approach that improves the quality of life for both the patient who is suffering from a serious illness and the families of the patient. The specialty of this approach is that it is holistic and combines the physical, physiological and spiritual aspects to provide effective relief for the patient and families. This kind of care will be often required by patients who are suffering from life-threatening diseases or illnesses. It is a terrible time for a family if a member of the family is going through an illness that might be fatal. It is at this time, the palliative approach works best. The palliative treatment method might be sometimes required more in the cases of children who are facing life-threatening conditions.

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palliative care

How does Palliative care work?

This method of palliative life care and support takes into effect the overall condition of the patient and their family. The chief part of the approach is to alleviate pain and other distressing symptoms as much as possible. The caregiver will be trained in assessing the condition of the patient. The caregiver can often be found in teams with persons working on different aspects. This approach is not a substitute for medical treatment and can only be used as an aide to the medical process to keep the patient and family going strong through the period of illness. The method of palliative care does not concentrate on treating the patient but helps the patient through the treatment. The caregivers are trained to look at the life and death process as a natural one and to provide counseling to the patient and family.

Palliative treatment aims to provide a good support system for the patient so that the patient may live his life in a highly active way as desired. The support system for the family will also be in place so that the family members can understand the goings on and also gain from special counseling to alleviate distress and anxiety.

When is Palliative care required?

Palliative care is often required when an individual is facing a serious illness and requires a lot of treatment and care. Cancer patients will often require this kind of care. Treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy are grouped together with palliative sessions. When the patient is in heavy pain, the caregivers chief objective will reduce the pain through a variety of methods. When the patient is depressed, the caregivers objective will be to provide counseling to the patient so as to boost his morale. The care treatment can be required by the patient right from the early stages of deduction until the end. One important goal of this care approach is to make the patients feel in control.

When choosing a caregiver for palliative treatments, ensure the caregiver has experience and is knowledgeable about the symptoms and necessary treatments for the particular illness. Talk to the care giver before introducing the person or team to the patient and family.

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