6 ways to treat hair loss in females

In the current time, hair loss seems to have become a common problem among females. Hair loss in females usually takes place due to a wide variety of reasons, including genetics, hormonal, or as a result of the natural process of aging. The problem of hair loss affects women differently as compared to men. Since men anyhow adjust to this loss patiently, whereas women tend to get frustrated and sometimes come into depression due to this unbearable loss of hair.

On the other hand, despite being a common problem, this is something that is experienced by women too. Around 45% of women have to suffer from the problem of hair loss. The hair loss among women usually takes place or starts in their 40s, 50s, or 60s. Apart from this, hair loss among women is also considered hereditary because of the genes inherited from their father or mother. It is noted that the pattern of hair loss in women tends to be a progressive condition, so early diagnosis and treatment are critical.

However, with modern techniques and advanced technology, there are lots of ways and treatments that can guarantee the growth of new hair among females. It is also suggested to visit your dermatologist if you are experiencing frequent hair loss. Moreover, you can now choose the best hair loss treatment for you and achieve the desired results with Transition hair. Attractions, the experts work closely to understand your problem and find the best solution as per your requirements.

hair loss in females

Apart from this, if you are experiencing hair loss, you should know about some ways to treat them as early as possible. In this post, listed below are some of the best ways to treat hair loss in females. Have a look:-

1. Minoxidil- an effective treatment

Approved by FDA, the first and foremost effective way to treat hair loss in women is Minoxidil. People seem to have reported as highly satisfied after consuming Minoxidil, though it is considered safe for both sexes. It stimulates hair growth and helps in maintaining a hair growth cycle. many times it is also advised to use Minoxidil consistently if you are having good results. Consult a doctor before taking any medication or treatment.

2. Light therapy

Though it is also an effective way to treat your hair loss, alone, it is not sufficient as it acts along with Minoxidil, and helps in enhancing the effects of few other hair loss treatments. As per a recent study, it has been developed that low light therapy to the regular 5% treatment (Minoxidil) has assisted in improving hairs recovery.

3. Corticosteroids

For extreme conditions like alopecia areata, a few doctors suggest corticosteroids as an effective way to treat hair loss in females. Females tend to lose their hair in random patches while suffering from alopecia areata. These steroids encourage new hair growth where the hairless patch is directly injected by corticosteroids.

4. Platelet rich plasma

This is yet another effective way that has been successful regarding treating hair loss in females. The injection of platelets-rich plasma helps in reducing the loss of hair in females. In this process, the affected areas on the scalp are injected which further helps in speeding up the tissue repair. As per a recent study, it was found that the therapy helps in reducing hair fall and enhances hair density.

5. Hair transplantation

One of the most common ways that women look forward to treating their hair loss is by way of hair transplantation. This is also an alternative that is suggested by the doctors when they realize that other treatments are not working or responding well. While performing hair transplants, small pieces of scalp are taken and added to the bald areas to enhance the growth of hair naturally. Besides being an expensive procedure, it is also not recommended and suitable for everyone.

6. Use of hair loss shampoos

Sometimes, hair loss in females takes place due to the clogging of pores on the scalp, which may also result in stopping of hair growth. Use of hair loss-medicated shampoos has also been considered an effective way to promote the growth of hair. Another reason for hair loss in females is due to postpartum hair loss. There are specially formulated shampoos specifically made for such cases. You can see more here from Majka.

So, these are some of the best and effective ways with the help of which you can easily promote hair growth and avoid unwanted hair loss.



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