Explore the beauty of Nature with these Pictures of Umngot river – Clearest Water River in India

Our mind and body freshen when we see natural beauty. The beauty of greenery, trees, mountains, rivers, forest or waterfalls will always amaze you. In the summer holidays, if you are also trying to find a place to spend some time with your family on extraordinary experience of greenery and waterfalls and looking for a place where you can see the natural landscape, we will tell you that there is a river in India whose water is as clean as glass. This is Umngot river in Meghalaya.

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This is Umngot river


This Umngot river flows between a small township of Eastern Jaintia Hills Dawki district near the India-Bangladesh border. This is situated only 95 kilometers from the capital of Meghalaya, Shillong. It works like a busy business route between India and Bangladesh. Every day hundreds of trucks pass through this route.

The unique thing about this Ummagot river in Davki is its clear water which is as clear as glass. Which appears to look like glass. It is a popular place for fishing as well. Many fishermen spent their most of time in this river for catching fishes as fishing at Umngot river is the main source of their livelihood. Apart from this, a lot of people came here for boating from different places around the world. They got attracted by the immense beauty of nature as this couldn’t see in the busy and hectic lifestyle of their cities. They feel relaxed and connected to nature at least for the time being they spend here.

One of the best advantage of visiting this place that it is pure and there is no sign of dust and pollution. Boating on Umngot river will make you feel like that you are swimming on the glass. People here are disciplined and strictly follow the rule of making India Clean. It is recommended for visitors not go through the extras here and there and use the dustbin. Whenever you plan to visit Umngot river.

How to reach Umngot river?

For reaching Umngot river you have to reach Dawki first.

Air: Nearest airport to Dawki is Guwahati which is about 200 km away from Dawki. Direct flights can be boarded to Guwahati from many other cities of India. After reaching Guwahati you can board a cab and reach there on road.

Rail: Nearest railway station is at Guwahati from where you can either hire a cab. There is also public and private bus service available to reach Dawki but you have to confirm their timing first.

Road: Reaching Dawki from the road is the best way to experience the beauty of deep forests. beautiful waterfalls and gorges. It is 90 Km away from Shillong. You can easily get a bus for Dawki from Shillong or Guwahati Railway Station if you decided to reach via Guwahati.

Where to Stay?

You can book a holiday home in Dawki. Use the online resource like Airbnb to book the Holiday homes but confirm everything in general.

Boating in Umngot River

People always enjoy boating here because of it’s clear water. You can see downside the water like watching mirror.


Fishing looks quite easy because you can see the fishes however it is not so easy.

Visit Umngot River in Spring

Visiting in Spring season could be a delight for you because you will see some boating competition there.

A complete Nature beauty

You will be amazed and feel completely relaxed after seeing the Greenery.

See the Crystal Clearwater

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