Travel to work with an electric bike

Are you considering switching to commuting with an e-bike instead of driving or taking the bus or train to work, but you are not sure whether you will cope with the commute or benefit from the change?

Here are some facts and tips which can help you make up your mind:

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Commuting with an e-bike will save you tons of money

Even though an electric bike costs more than a traditional bicycle, investing in one for your daily commute will pay back pretty quickly.

Think about the money you are paying for fuel or for bus or train tickets on a daily basis, and make a quick calculation of the cash you will be saving on a weekly and monthly basis.

With an e-bike, you won’t need to pay for fuel, for insurance, for parking, for oil and other costly repairs and maintenance services which a car requires. Even if you don’t drive and rely on public transportation – you will still save a lot of money from the daily fares you are currently paying.

So, investing in an electric bike for traveling to work is one of the wisest investments you can make.

Traveling to work via an e-bike will save you time

It may seem illogical that riding an electric bike can be faster than driving or riding a bus to work, but the truth is that if you live in an area where there are heavy traffic and congestion on the roads, an electric bike can help you get to work much faster.

First, you can take shortcuts, and depending on the regulations in your area, you may also be able to use the cycling paths, pedestrian walkways, and take shortcuts along your way to work.

Also, an e-bike is much more compact and can pass through traffic jams easily, so you can actually beat the traffic when you ride an electric bike instead of driving to work.

So, think about all the time you will save, as well as the satisfaction you will feel by not having to spend your precious time stuck in a traffic jam, and hop on that electric bike now!

Commuting with an e-bike will help you lose weight and get fitter

This is especially true if you are used to driving or using public transportation to work. The fact is that most e-bikes require pedal assistance for the motor to turn on. This means, that you will be pedaling, and thus burning calories and fat on the way to work and back. Not only will you get to work faster and cheaper, but you will also get the recommended dose of daily and weekly aerobic exercise to help you stay active and reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, obesity, and diabetes.

Also, you will lose that extra weight and tone your buttocks, legs, and core as well.

As you get used to riding an e-bike you will find that you will want to ride it more, pedal more and rely on the motor less, and thus you will continue getting slimmer and fitter without putting in too much effort or paying for training or gym sessions.

Riding an e-bike won’t get you all sweaty and flustered like cycling to work will

You may have noticed how your colleagues who prefer to ride bicycles to work get to the office or other workplace covered with sweat and in dire need of a shower and a change of clothing. Well, with an e-bike you can wear your work clothes, and get to your work without being drenched in sweat, all red and exhausted even before the workday has begun.

You can combine the convenience and the exercise benefits of commuting via an electric bike, by relying on the motor more when you are going to work, and then relying on your human power and efforts more as you pedal back from work.

This will ensure that you release the stress from your work by the time you get home, as well as provide you with the physical exercise you need to stay fit and healthy without needing to spend additional time and money in the gym.

You will be helping the environment and reducing pollution

By commuting to work on an electric bike instead of riding the bus or your car, you will seriously lower your carbon footprint and will help reduce the problem of the harmful emissions in the air we breathe. Also, electric bikes are very quiet, so you will be helping reduce noise pollution which has become another serious issue in modern cities.

Overall, your contribution to Mother Nature will increase drastically if you switch to riding an eco-friendly e-bike rather than driving your car or relying on public transportation.

Traveling to work via an e-bike will get you out and help you gain confidence

If you have been doubting yourself and feeling insecure about jumping on a bike and cycling to work, an electric bike is a perfect compromise. You will still be pedaling, steering, and balancing, and yet you will have the help of the battery-powered motor when the hill you are climbing is too steep, or when the wind is blowing hard in your face. You can always use the motor when you feel like you have had enough of physical activity, and still, be able to get to your destination or keep up with the pace of your fellow commuters who ride traditional bicycles to work.

You can literally take your e-bike to the office with you

With an electric bike, and especially with a foldable one, you can easily collapse it and get it in a train with you, or to the office or in your home. This means – no more worrying about parking spaces, safe storage places, as well as easy and convenient charging of the batteries no matter where you are.

In conclusion

As you can see, there are so many advantages of switching to riding an electric bike to work, that it probably makes you wonder – why isn’t everybody doing it?

The fact is, commuting via electric bikes is becoming increasingly popular especially in China and in Europe, and as it seems – this tendency is becoming quite common in the US and North America as well.

As people are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment, as well as about their own health and fitness, electric bikes have become the preferred means for commuting by a growing number of people around the world.

In many companies in Europe, the management is offering free e-bikes or is sponsoring purchasing electric bikes by their employees in order to promote their use for daily commuting, instead of driving or relying on public transportation.

This tendency seems to be taking over more and more companies and countries, so why not join the movement and become one of the many commuters who rely on eco-friendly, fast, safe, and easy to ride electric bicycles?

Go ahead, leave the car in the driveway and hop on your e-bike today, and you will see what we mean!

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