How to Ensure Effective Communication between Hotel Staff?

Proper communication and teamwork is the key for every well-coordinated crew. Especially in the hotel industry, quick information passing, and reaction for customer’s request is an essential element of good service.

Unfortunately, many companies have problems with employees and their mutual communication. It’s mostly caused by a lack of regular training and team building sessions. Employers often underestimate the importance of worker’s development, and that weakens the overall effects and goals achieving process.

However, these mistakes are correctable. There are many methods of improving reporting in a team, and below we have presented some of them. Here, you’ll find effective ways to ensure better communication between hotel staff.

Effective Communication between Hotel Staff

Invest in Hotel Phone System

One of the best ways to improve communication between hotel staff is investing in the hotel phone system. This solution is a mutual benefit for both employers and guests who require quick and reliable information.

According to, “Intense competition in the hotel industry drives hoteliers to pursue the high efficiency of communications and information management system. Advanced and specialized communication solution not only facilitates hotel operations but also ensures high-quality guest experience and nourishes guest loyalty. Integrating IP communications is an indispensable aspect. With the IP communications system, guests can enjoy voice and video communications at a low expense; hotel staff collaboration is also enhanced.”

Quick and good quality service is all the customers ask for, and indeed they go back for. Applying the hotel phone system is an investment that can pay back pretty fast with more clients and growing interests in your business.

Employee Training Workshops

As mentioned before, staff training is a very important, yet often underrated way of teaching and development. It’s an investment in every single person’s knowledge and business’ reputation improvement. After all, everyone would like to have correctly trained employees, and that pays back. Organizing training sessions help workers get to know each other’s duties and understand how they contribute to the company. It builds trust between stuff and increases communication skills.

Teambuilding workshops teach how to collaborate with others, brainstorm, and quickly react to any situation. It creates a feeling of solidarity and unity, helping employees achieve goals faster and become more productive.

It’s critical to be able to communicate with each other, as well as with the customers. To provide excellent service, consider organizing body language training. The staff should always be polite, enthusiastic, and cheerful around guests. It’s crucial to be eloquent, keep eye contact, and always listen to customers’ requests.

There are many grumpy and rude visitors your workers have to deal with every single day. Not showing off negative emotions is the key. The appropriate attitude is a must when working with people.

There is plenty of employee training worth considering. Providing it once in a while will surely improve the quality of the work and increase staff’s motivation and relationships in their workplace.

Rely on Software

Hotel management is not a piece of cake. There are indeed many details that need to run tight. Considering the dynamic environment of such an industry, it would be tough to handle it without a little help from technology. As an employer, you should improve your business by implementing hotel management software that all the staff could use to communicate, stay updated with the latest information, follow daily schedule and duties, and track their progress.

It also makes it much less problematic to manage all the bookings, requests, and information. An employee can communicate with the staff quicker, which significantly speeds up the work and improves an overall service. Check the hotel management apps and enjoy keeping full control over your business.

Walkie Talkies

Another solution for communication improvement is the old (but gold) walkie talkie. This small, handed two-way radio has been a source of communication for a long time. Even though the technology development made up tons of “smarter” gadgets, many people still rely on the simple, old fashioned walkie talkies. Suppose the hotel facility you run is vast, and you have a lot of employees. In that case, an investment in such an electronic device can prove very helpful, for example, for security, who should always be able to communicate quickly.

According to, “The hospitality industry depends on security personnel to make sure the guests are safe, and the workers might be anywhere in a hotel. The crew keeps one another posted on any security issues while on patrol, and a walkie-talkie is an effective way to keep everyone properly deployed. Speed is essential in a crisis, and security workers must call for assistance or have someone call for police quickly.”

The Bottom Line

Proper communication between employees is crucial for any business’s efficient functioning, especially in the hospitality industry. There are many ways to improve it, the effect of which translates into a better quality of work and achieve better results by the entire company. Investing in employees should be an important aspect of any employer. Hopefully, the tips listed above will help you understand the importance of good communication and support your employees’ work.

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