Top 4 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Tile Flooring

Whether it’s for your floor or wall, choosing tile is an investment in the style and durability of your home. Tile comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors to complement your design style. But with so many choices, picking the perfect tile can be challenging. To help you get started, consider the following factors to determine which tile flooring is right for you.


Tile is a highly durable flooring option. It’s resistant to wear and tear and holds up well in high-moisture areas. This makes it a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. It also comes in various colors and textures, making matching your décor or creating a specific look easy. For example, you can use porcelain tiles with a honed finish for slip resistance in wet areas or opt for glazed ceramic tiles with an embossed surface to hide scratches and fingerprints. However, not all types of tile are durable enough to stand up to everyday use. Unglazed ceramic tiles aren’t water-resistant and can develop a patina over time (a process called crazing), while some glazed tile isn’t completely waterproof, either.

Purchasing Tile Flooring


The aesthetics of your tile flooring can dramatically impact the appearance of a room. Tile comes in various colors, patterns, and textures that complement any decor style. From streamlined modern spaces to more rustic or traditional homes, tiles are the perfect option for any space that needs a visual pop. Whether you’re looking to add a unique twist to a bathroom with intricate mosaic tile or create classic beauty in your kitchen with a natural stone look, the possibilities are endless. Using a combination of large and small square tiles from tile stores Ottawa, you can mimic the pattern of woven baskets to achieve a classy Versaille tile design.

Alternatively, you can choose a more neutral, light-toned tile that will blend with any color scheme. Studies have shown that when paired with similar colors of walls and furniture, lighter-toned tile floors create a sense of psychological satisfaction in the area they are located in.


Tile is an excellent floor choice because it’s so easy to clean. You can sweep or vacuum the tiles regularly and wipe up spills as soon as they happen. This prevents them from sitting on the tile surface and helps keep stains at bay.

It’s important to use a cleaning solution appropriate for your type of floor for smooth tile. Always follow up mopping with a thorough rinse to avoid leaving residue behind.

Preventative measures like placing door mats at entryways and requiring family members to remove their shoes when entering the home can help stop dirt and debris from being tracked onto your tile flooring. Area rugs can be placed in high-traffic areas to provide softness underfoot and enhance the beauty of your tiles. It is also recommended that new tile and grout be sealed to help prevent stains from developing.


Installing tile can be a DIY project, but it’s best left to professionals who understand the complexities of installing this type of flooring. Surfaces need to be clean, level, and strong enough to support the weight of tiles and grout. If the surfaces are older or moisture-prone, the contractor should use a water-resistant backer board. Consider whether you want to use a herringbone pattern or another grid type when laying out the tile. This will influence how many tiles you’ll need and affect the time to lay the tile floor. Also, decide on the color of the tile you will use. Lighter colors work well in rooms that receive a lot of natural light, while darker shades are good for contrasting against dark cabinets. Consider using a textured tile such as limestone, travertine, or slate, which appear more dimensional and can create visual interest in a room.

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