Top 10 Reasons People Choose to Study at University or College

Each person who goes to study at university or college has a different set of reasons for doing so. But there are several reasons which are very common across most people who choose further education.

In the US, there are estimated to be around 20 million students each year who study at university or college. While it’s clearly a popular choice, both in the US and around the world, let’s look a bit deeper at some of the top reasons why people choose to go down this route.

Choose to Study at University or College

1. Better Career Prospects

Among the top reasons why people choose university or college courses is the career prospects that it brings. Graduating with a degree or diploma looks good on your resume and can fast-track you towards employment in some cases.

Having a university or college qualification increases your chances of moving further up the career ladder once you’ve found work. Rather than feeling like you’re hitting a barrier and unable to apply for jobs that require a university education, you will be suitable for more jobs and higher-paying jobs.

The experience and expertise gained while studying will enable you to further your skills in teaching the subject or venture into consultancy work for a self-employed and flexible option of generating income.

2. Experience Student Life

Studying gives people the opportunity to experience a unique type of lifestyle – student life. While it can bring challenges in terms of workload and budgeting, life as a student allows you to connect with other like-minded people and make friends for life. There are many benefits to being a student.

This is one of the top reasons why young people choose to continue their studies after graduating from high school. It is a particularly common reason among students who have come from remote areas outside of cities. Those who have friends also going to university or college may also be more inclined to follow suit.

3. Higher Earning Potential

After studying at a university or college, many graduates report that they have more opportunities to increase their earning potential as they embark on their careers. This is normally through bonuses for outstanding work or promotions after working in a company.

It can also result from the connections you make while at university, either with other students and their families or with companies and businesses. The potential to earn more money is one of the key attractions for those thinking about furthering their education and gaining a degree.

4. Increase Knowledge and Skills

Another reason why many people choose further education is to increase their knowledge and skills. This is a common reason among students who have a genuine passion and interest in a certain subject, and those who want to develop personally.

Students studying master of science and engineering programs at Kettering Global often do it to pursue a career in this field, but also because it allows them to increase their knowledge in this area. Any degree will help to develop a deeper understanding of the topic and improve your general life skills and experience.

5. Flexible Options are Available

Studying at university doesn’t always involve travelling to a physical campus for your classes. There are many institutions that offer online studying. This option allows parents to juggle their family life easier and enables part-time professionals to balance study with their job.

The ability to defer some courses once you have gained a place is an additional flexible feature offered by universities and colleges. Students who are not quite ready to study yet or want a break after completing a previous course find this very useful in making their decision to pursue further education.

6. Experience Something New

For some students, studying at college or university is a whole new experience and allows them to discover new things.

Younger people may never have travelled away from home before, giving them the chance to explore their new-found freedom and independence away from parents or other family members.

It is also a chance to travel to a different country, or explore a new way of working such as online study.

7. Make New Friends

People choose to continue studying to make new friends. Specializing in one niche subject means that you can meet people who are interested in the same area as you. They are also likely to be interested in pursuing a similar career.

Students often report that their time spent at university or college resulted in long-term friends. Some students even meet their future spouse or partner while studying.

8. It’s Never Too Late to Study

One of the major appeals about further education is that you’re never too old to start a new course. You can begin a degree or diploma at any age. There is no time limit, so you can wait a few years or apply to start right now.

Studying for a new qualification can help to keep your brain active as you get older, or it can help you to progress in your current job.

9. Getting a Grant or Bursary

For some people, going to university or college is made possible by the offer of a grant or bursary. Funding options are often more prevalent for courses in fields such as science, medicine, and teaching.

When offered funding to study further education, this is often a key factor in a student’s decision. People who were not planning to study due to the high costs involved are more likely to change their minds if part or full funding options are available.

10. Develop Confidence

Further education is the ultimate chance to develop your skills and confidence as an adult. Both online and traditional study options allow students the chance to overcome fears and anxieties around things such as public speaking and teamwork.

The environment of a college or university gives students the opportunity to work with tutors, mentors, and senior students. This can bring invaluable guidance and support which is one of the unique advantages of studying.

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