Tips for Selecting the Best Commercial Hotel Furniture

Hotels should have a stunning first impression on guests when they arrive. It should have striking features that once guests settle in, they won’t feel like leaving. So, ensure your hotel stands out through a welcoming lobby, which will encourage your guests to recommend it to their friends. Word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool to bring in more customers to your business. This is why you should always ensure impressing and catering for your guests comes first. Not just the lobby, but also inside the rooms should be top-notch if you want your guests to return.

Hotel Furniture

If you need to furnish your hotel, the following qualities of the best room furniture should guide you.

Artistically pleasing

It’s best to choose relaxing colors for each room. You can blend neutral colors and earth stones to bring that calming feel. Also, the shapes and textures you use, whether geometric or smooth surfaces should be appealing to the guests. Ensure the furniture in each room do not contradict but rather agree with each other. If you lack the knowledge of designing the rooms or choosing the right furniture, an interior designer will assist you.


Even though a four-poster bed can be attractive, it loses its appeal when it blocks the television view. Also, suede sofas are not good at adhering to wears and tears, hence not suitable for a commercial setting. Achieving perfect aesthetics requires practical hotel room furniture.


A stunning chair should be durable, such that guests can comfortably sit on it. If you overlook the comfort of your guests by choosing any furniture, it can cost you big time. Comfort should be the first thing in your mind when setting up commercial furniture for your hotel visitors.


If you are a hotel owner, the health and safety of everyone, be it employees, or guests should be your top priority. You can do this by selecting textiles that have flame retardant finishes. The textile pieces should not be susceptible to falling apart.


Style enhances the hotel’s personality, as well as the number and kind of guests it attracts. For instance, a wingback chair has a strong statement than a sling chair. You can hire hotel designers to custom your furniture to suit the need of your customers. Places like the guest room require custom furniture for the right scale so that each piece agrees with one another. This is more so critical in a lobby or restaurant. Also, tables should have the right height for guests to easily lean and pick their drinks without straining or messing up.


No matter the hotel furniture you choose, it should be alluring and comfortable for your guests. So, when selecting furniture for your lobby, beds, and dressers, ensure your visitors will love them. You can seek the services of an interior designer to blend everything perfectly in your hotel. With comfortable and high-end commercial furniture, you are sure your guests will enjoy their stay and even suggest your hotel to others. Just create a welcoming atmosphere in every room and you will never lack guests.

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