7 Spiciest Food You Need to Try Once In Your Life

Spicy food can burn your tongues, yet you can’t stop having them! Here’s our list of the spiciest foods you need to try once in your life.

If you like spicy food and want to try some of the world’s spiciest meals, we’ll show you seven of the most famous ones from across the world. Before attempting to taste these foods, make sure you’re used to having spicy food and the world’s hottest chilies, such as the Naga Viper, Carolina Reaper, and others. Otherwise, you risk developing teary eyes, diarrhea, dysentery, or gastroenteritis.

Spiciest Food

1. Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky

Do you know what America’s hottest food is? It’s Carolina Reaper beef jerky. This dish will set your mouth on fire with a spice level of 2.2 million on the Scoville scale. Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world, so you can imagine how spicy a dish cooked with this can be! Indulge in delicious and juicy jerky encrusted with fiery Carolina Reaper at least once in your life.

2. Sichuan Hot-Pot

Sichuan Hot-pot is one of China’s spiciest yet most delicious foods. This spicy culinary dish is best served during the year’s colder months. The Sichuan hot-pot is a soup that is so spicy that it literally has a mouth-numbing effect on the taste buds and is commonly drunk in the winter to enhance circulation.

The hotpot is a pot of everything accessible to use in the stew and will satisfy your appetite for hot spicy food. Lots of onions, garlic, ginger, Sichuan sauce, a variety of pork, peppers, beef, vegetables, mushrooms, chicken feet, a pig’s brain, soy sauce, fish sauce, and anything else stewed or cooked in a broth with pepper oil and lots of pepper are the main ingredients of this stew.

3. Jerk Chicken

The scotch bonnet chiles are a favorite among Jamaicans. And the Jerk Chicken, also known as the meal with the “six side spicy food bombs,” is made up of chicken wings that have been hell-brined, smoked, and then grilled to excellence in a mixture of hot scotch bonnet chile sauce, loads of yellow mustard, and a variety of other fiery spices.

This renowned Jamaican dish consists of chicken wings simmered in a mixture of habanero peppers, cinnamon, thyme, nutmeg, garlic, ginger, green onion stems, and other spices. Extra scotch bonnet chili sauce, mustard sauce, guava and banana ketchup,  and other condiments are included. This crazily spicy, flaming hot cuisine will put your spice tolerance to the test.

4. Kimchi Jjigae

Don’t tell us you’ve never had the delicious but spicy Korean Kimchi pickles.  The ones you had in America and Europe are relatively bland compared to the hot Kimchi Jjigae stew that is famous in Korea. The components used in the cooking are all local and appear to be straightforward.

Scallions, mushrooms, garlic, red chilies, tofu, and vinegar are all utilized in this recipe, which is cooked until the stew is wonderfully infused with all of the spice. The stew is cooked in peppers, and the slow cooking technique results in a flaming spicy broth that is sheer spice in every spoonful and on your tongue

5. Neua Pad Prik

Thailand’s Neua Pad Prik, often known as Thai pepper steak, is a hot dish from the Thai cuisine stable. The difference is that the chilies and ginger in Korea are quite hot and are frequently consumed by Thais. For the Thai people, what seems scorching to you is just another flavor. Basil, small onions or shallots, garlic, ginger, and a lot of green-eye chilies go into the beef meal. The heat units are measured on a scale, and this food has a Scoville score of 100,000 to 250,000. Did you ever hear about the Scoville scale?

6. Otak-Otak

Otak is a Malay or Indonesian word that means “brain” and this language is widely spoken in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. The hot food won’t directly strike your brain, but it resembles one. The grilled cake is created with galangal, which looks like ginger but tastes like belacan, green chili, curry powders made from garlic, coriander, chili powder, turmeric, cumin, tapioca starch, and other spices. It is wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed or grilled. The Indonesian variant is white and resembles a floating brain. It may or may not include curry paste. The curry in Malaysia and Singapore could be orange, reddish, or brown. This dish’s spiciness comes from the chili and ginger paste used.

7. Sik-Sik Wat

Sik-Sik Wat is a spicy Ethiopian dish. It is a paprika-based stew cooked using indigenous chilies. The Wat is created with a broth containing lamb, chicken, beef, spices, veggies, and clarified butter. It begins with onions slow-cooked in a saucepan. After that, it is simmered in fat with lots of spices such as fenugreek, rue, ginger, garlic, basil, and more spices to cook on a low burner with heaps of fat added to the stew.

The dish ‘afang,’ another spicy food item, is likewise prepared in a clay pot and contains a variety of spices. You may actually upset your stomach with this. So keep a glass of milk and some antacid nearby!


If you enthusiastically say “bring it on” to those who push you to consume hot and spicy cuisine, you must have a “burning” passion for spicy food. Others might be scared of a hot, burning mouth, teary eyes, and sweaty forehead, but not you.

So take a break from savoring sweets and sours and indulge in satisfying your spice craving. Instead, take a tour of the places that serve the world’s spiciest cuisines.

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