Make Your Home Safer as You Age: Practical Tips

Getting older can be challenging, mentally and physically. However, something that many seniors find helpful is maintaining their independence by choosing to age in place instead of moving into a care facility – if this is possible.

Aging in place means simply staying in your own home where you feel most comfortable, however, making some adjustments is important as you get older.

Here are some simple ways to make sure your home is safe for an older adult.

Make Your Home Safer as You Age


Of course, as you get older, you might become more susceptible to slips and falls which can also prove more troublesome when you’re over 60. Installing handrails for gripping onto throughout your home can really help with this.

In your bathrooms is where this is most important, but anywhere you feel railings to be necessary could be useful. Make sure that you carefully read up on how to measure for a handrail so that you get the measurements correct for a comfortable placement.


Making sure that your floors aren’t too slippery is another important modification to make if you find that they are. Sometimes, removing loose rugs can remove any danger without hassle. However, certain types of wood can be extra slippery and might need to be replaced.

There are plenty of safe flooring options that still look great and feel comfortable under your feet, so you don’t need to be concerned about sacrificing the look of your home for the sake of safety either.

Light and Bright

It’s far easier to trip over things and accidentally hurt yourself when you can’t see properly. Try to take advantage of the natural light in your home by keeping curtains and windows open during the day. If your home doesn’t get much light, then using bright artificial lights can be a great help.

Being in a well-lit space is also great for your mental health, lifting your mood, helping you to stay more positive and even regulating your sleeping patterns.


If you’re starting to struggle a little with your mobility, then regular movement should form a key part of your day. However, there’s no harm in making your own life a little easier and more comfortable with a few modifications.

One example is to have the height of your seating raised, so that it’s easier for you to stand up and sit down without pain in your knees. You can also consider moving all daily-use items to an easy-to-reach height.


Finally, figure out which areas of your home you can automate. Investing in a smart home device might be one of the best decisions you ever make regarding your home.

This will allow you to automate your temperature control, your water heating, your security system, and even your entertainment like music, radio, and television. If you invest in other smart home devices, they can make your life even simpler. For example, a smart coffee machine can be set to brew your morning cup at a specific time each morning – saving you the hassle!

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