What Can I Safely Eat After Oral Surgery? Try These 8 Soft Foods

Oral surgery is a big undertaking, and after your procedure, you need to be attentive about taking care of yourself properly so as to ensure that its effect is as positive and successful as possible. A huge part of that is ensuring that you’re eating the right foods. You need the fuel to sustain yourself whilst you’re recovering, yes, but that doesn’t mean that you can just chow down on whatever you like. Try snacking on these eight soft foods to ensure that you are as comfortable and healthy as possible following your oral surgery…

Soft Foods

Fresh Smoothies

A freshly blended smoothie is one of the easiest, healthiest options to tuck into when recovering from oral surgery St George Utah. Skip fruits that have a high seed content as these might get lodged between your teeth and cause irritation. Also, be mindful of skipping straws for consuming any liquid or blended food following surgery. The pressure created through sucking through a straw can cause clots and healing gum tissue to dislodged, causing bleeding and potential pain. Take care of yourself and take a sip instead.

Homemade Soup or Broth

A hearty, smoothly pureed homemade soup is going to fill you up for your recovery lunches and dinners. Choose creamy soups such as pumpkin and mushroom, which don’t require any chewing. A broth is also a lovely, lighter option for a flavourful and nourishing feed without compromising your gums, jaw, or teeth.


Scrambled, fried, omelet, soft boiled, poached – you name it, you can eat it when you’re getting over the oral surgery recovery hump! A hearty serving of eggs is going to help you eat properly whilst you’re in need of strength and energy.

Soft Cheese

Some soft, mild cheese such as cream cheese, camembert or brie is great for when you’re feeling a little more adventurous with your post-opt palette. These will make a fantastic weekend treat whilst you move your way towards solids.


Oatmeal is a little more of a challenge, so you’re best to try it out three or four days into your healing process. Make sure your heart bowl of porridge is made nice and creamy using milk and added soft fruit for the nutrition kick. This will give you sustained, slow release energy throughout the day, ideal for patients who are on the mend.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed white or sweet potatoes are great for a filling and hearty feed following your oral surgery, again this is one to work your way up to. Make sure it’s properly pureed to avoid any pain from unwanted lumps and bumps swimming around in your bowl of mash.

Flaked Fish

A flakey fish such as flaked tuna or salmon is great for a hit of protein without compromising your condition. Mix with creamy mashed avocado, cream cheese, or good old fashioned mayonnaise for a delicious and nutritious snack that your stomach will thank you for.

Ice Cream

Come on, how could ice cream not get the shout out it deserves on this list? These foods might all be healthy and hearty, and doubtlessly good for you, but sometimes, you just feel like a well earned treat. Enter, ice cream, the ultimate post non-surgical tooth extraction treats to indulge in every once in a while. It’s a running theme for a reason, skip the chunky formulas and instead opt for a smooth, palatable tub of creamy ice cream or gelato for a pain friendly snack that will give you something to smile about.



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