Everything That You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

Smiles are a part of natural human behaviour. It is a scientifically proven fact that smiles are attractive. A bitter truth is in our society we are judged based on our smiles. Yellow or dull teeth do not make a good impression in society. It affects the professional life as well as the personal life of a person. The process of teeth whitening is necessary. It is the process in which one can get the existing shade of their teeth lightened. Apart from brushing and flossing, there are other ways, some of which are: using over-the-counter bleaching products, trying out home remedies and the in-office process by the professionals.

About Teeth Whitening

Reasons for yellow teeth

 There are several factors as to why our teeth become dull or yellow. Some of them are listed down below:

  • Aging: Yellow teeth due to the aging process is a natural result. By the late ’40s or ‘50s, the white part (enamel) starts to fade out due to brushing, and the yellow dentin is visible.
  • Drinking and eating habits: Daily consumption of coffee, tea, red wine is not advisable as they get stuck in the enamel and corrodes it. Foods that are highly acidic in nature, candies, sugar-rich fruits are also one of the reasons.
  • Smoking habits: Tar and nicotine are present in cigarettes and other tobacco products which are unsafe as it causes long-term teeth discoloration.
  • Plaque and Tartar: Another reason can be when germs and bacteria start to pile up on our teeth because of our carelessness and negligence.
  • Medicines: Yellow teeth can also be caused due to intake of high blood pressure medicines, certain antibiotics, or have to undergo chemotherapy.
  • Fluoride: Exposure to fluorides, can be a reason for yellow teeth.

Importance of teeth whitening

The most common reason for teeth whitening is to achieve a graceful and a fresh smile. Having a brighter and whiter smile intensifies one’s appearance, making them more attractive. There can be other reasons also:

  • White and bright teeth are the symbol of healthy beings. So few people get them to look younger.
  • This helps to increase one’s confidence in social places. One might get their teeth whitened to make a good impression on people before any important occasions like marriage, job interviews or any parties.
  • This boosts self-esteem. One can smile broadly without having second thoughts.
  • Unhealthy oral hygiene and few lifestyle changes may cause discolouration of teeth. Teeth whitening helps to kill the bacteria and prevents tooth decay or other serious gum infections.

Process: Home remedies are not that promising. The over-the-counter kits are not that easy to use as the trays provided might not fit in one’s mouth. The best and safest option is to get the work done by a professional. The process of professional whitening is simple and takes just an hour to complete. First, they put gel on the gums to protect them and fit a custom-made tray into one’s mouth. Then the non-peroxide gels or bleaching product either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is broken down into smaller pieces and the oxygen infiltrates into the enamel thus lightening the existing shade of the tooth.

Once the process is completed. To maintain the sparkle, one should take care of their teeth. They should try to brush and floss their teeth twice. Keep routine touch with the dentist for checkups. Also, try to avoid consuming food and beverage that might again bring back yellow teeth.

The options for best teeth whitening Southampton are easy as many of them provide mobile teeth whitening services. Their staffs travel to the client’s chosen location on their favoured date, making it flexible for the clients.

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