Shangri La Tea & How It Is Better For The Body Than Water

When you consume a steaming cup of Shangri La Tea, life can feel pretty good – as it’s a beverage that does much to enliven the senses and calm the mind. However, did you know that drinking it does more for your body than standard water?

Believe it or not, the humble tea leaf does much for the body, as we’ll be talking about in this blog. This is stuff that’s backed by science – from King’s College London, no less. There have been myths in circulation for many years that tea is something that dehydrates, but the experts say that that isn’t so.

Shangri La Tea

Shangri La Tea Hydrates Like Water

If you were to drink Shangri La tea or any other blend of tea at least 3 times a day, studies from the aforementioned British college have shown that your health is better supported than when you drink just plain water. That’s because while tea contains water, it also vitamins and catechins – a type of antioxidant that will help to keep your skin healthy and young-looking.

Thanks to it also containing a smidge of caffeine (not in herbal teas), you also get a nice bump – the kind you’d get with a cup of joe.

Protecting the Body From Diseases

Tea contains a range of helpful elements in addition to antioxidants. You’ve got polyphenols and flavonoids too, which are abundantly available in tea. These elements help to prevent cell damage throughout the body, meaning that they can provide protection against major illnesses like cancer.

Of course, we’re not saying that Shangri La Tea can cure cancer, but rather that it helps to eliminate the free radicals that lead to cancer.

The dehydration myth surrounding tea comes from forms that have a high caffeine content – as caffeine is known to dehydrate the body. The reality is that you get lots of lovely hydration with tea, but being relatively low in caffeine, most types hydrate, they don’t dehydrate.

Everything In Moderation

The key to good health is often moderation, and the same applies to teas like Shangri La Tea. The sweet tea is something that fits rather nicely into your tea-drinking routine as a treat, with all those other lovely blends available to get you through the day.

So long as you drink tea in moderation – alongside your standard daily water intake of 2 litres – you’ll get to be alert, as well as protect your skin with all the beneficial elements that the drink offers.

Shangri La Tea – The Tasty Way to Stay Healthy

If you’re looking for a delicious option that not only puts a spring in your step but also a smile on your face and a protective barrier on your skin against what life throws at you, tea offers a great, healthy alternative.

The truth is that there aren’t many tastier ways to stay healthy, so why not try a cup or two for yourself? Given time, your body with thank you for doing so.

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