Teens and Fake IDs in Pennsylvania: Why do Teenagers are Obsessed on Getting a Fake ID

Fake IDs are nothing new. This has been a constant problem with teenagers, especially growing up. However, what are the reasons why these kids are obsessed with owning a fake ID? Are you curious? Stay tuned to the article below:

Growing up, we all had that phase. We tried to rush adulthood without realizing that maybe it wasn’t worth rushing. Whether you like it or not, we all went through that phase. We constantly want to be treated like adults without realizing that once we reach adulthood, we are going to miss our teenage days.

Hence, that is no different from the teens of today. Many of these teens have been rushing through adulthood. They want to experience the life that many young professionals have been doing. But as the older generation, not all of us understand why these kids are rushing.

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most common things that many teenagers in Pennsylvania have been feeling. Hopefully, by the end of this article, we can understand why these youngsters feel the need of getting a fake ID in Pennsylvania.

Why do Teenagers are Obsessed on Getting a Fake ID

Without any further ado, the article.

The Reasons why Teens are dying to Get Fake IDs

Getting Booze and Smoke

The number one reason why teens are getting fake IDs is because of alcohol and cigarettes. Yes, you heard it right. Teens are often curious about what alcohol tastes like or how to smoke cigarettes. These teen vices can be both addicting and sometimes, a measurement of popularity. As we all know, teenagers would want to be popular among their peers.

Hence, getting a fake ID to get access to booze and smoke. They believe that they can get more friends if they have a fake ID and can obtain illegal goods without worrying about getting caught by cops.

Clubbing all night

Did we mention that teenagers are curious? Then, getting a fake ID to check out the best clubs in your area is a must. At this stage of life, teenagers are curious about what it’s like to be out all night and party. However, a club is one of the places that you can’t go without an ID.

Clubs don’t just offer dance floors but they offer great booze and sometimes socialize with strangers that are older than many of these teenagers. Hence, the fake ID comes in handy, especially if they are not just hitting the dance floor for fun.

Impressing men and women

Fake IDs can also be your ticket to meeting older people. Teenagers or even the younger generation are always fantasizing about dating people older than them. Having a fake ID can fool these people to go out on dates with teenagers.

Teenage boys would often want to impress older women with their fake IDs. They want to show these ladies that they are dependable and that they can drive a car. While for teenage girls, they want to date guys without turning them off with their age. Hence, the fake ID can probably help them fool people.

Multiple Social Media Account

Another reason why teens would want a fake ID is that it allows them to make several social media accounts. They can fake their information in fake IDs. Some social media sites would often ask for IDs as proof of identification. Hence, having a fake one would you create and validate the fake social media account.

Sometimes, they also want to create an alter ego of themselves. The popular, the confident, and the total opposite of who they are.


Popularity is another possible reason why every teenager in Pennsylvania should have a fake ID. The fake ID can strengthen their popularity standing in school. It gives them access to mostly everything. Apart from that, the popular people will treat them with the utmost respect because of their fake ID.

It is no secret that being in the popular crowd makes every teenager happy and proud. However, the popular crowd may sometimes not be the best influence. Hence, you often hear these crowds in clubs and are often involved in underage drinking and smoking.

For fun

Sometimes, fake IDs can be the best sources of pranks as well. Not all teenagers are into drinking and smoking illegally. Sometimes, they just want to frighten their parents with their fake IDs.

Because of the current era of teenagers, many parents are hyperaware of their children having fake IDs. Sometimes, they freak out whenever they see one in their children’s belongings. Sometimes, (or most of the time) this prank goes wrong. However, some parents are relieved to know that their teenagers are not like most teenagers. However, these kids won’t be unscathed after the pranks. They would probably be grounded for a few days for giving their parents a big scare in their life.


There are tons of other reasons why many teens in Pennsylvania are compelled to get a fake ID for themselves. As parents, we have to educate our teenagers about the dangers of fake IDs, underage drinking, and smoking. If your children would get one for fun, then don’t lash out at them. It is also a sign that your child knows the dangers of owning a fake ID. Don’t ground them too much and have a little faith in them.

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