Using Vaseline as Lube – Personal Lubricant Pros & Cons

If you face any problem during physical relations, then one of your best friends will be your personal lubricant. It has become an indispensable part for many couples all across the globe. You will find several varieties of personal lubes in the market, some of which are water based, some are silicone based, and some are oil based. However, you will often hear people contemplating the idea of using Vaseline in place of a lube. It is true that Vaseline is made of cent percent petroleum jelly and can be used for multiple uses including physical relations. This is simply because it adds lubrication and effectively reduces friction.

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personal lube pros and cons

The Pros of Using Vaseline In Place of a Lube

There are several advantages of using Vaseline in place of a lube while having physical relations with partner. Some of these advantages have been discussed below and the rest can be found here –

  • Hydrophobic: It is needless to say that Vaseline happens to be a hydrophobic substance that basically means that it never breaks down even if exposed to moist conditions. If warmed, it tends to become more like oil that provides a better slickness, making it very easy for different positions. Vaseline does not dry out as fast as water-based lubes and users have also stated that they found Vaseline better than most other lubes in the market.
  • Easily Available: It is very simple for you to find Vaseline in the market. It is readily available at various stores and finding Vaseline is much simpler than finding personal lubes in many cases. The price of Vaseline is also less compared to the price of lubes.
  • Thicker Texture: When it comes to the texture of Vaseline, it is thicker than most other lubes. As a result of this Vaseline does not dry out fast like water based lubes and allows you to enjoy longer than normal.

The Cons of Using Vaseline In Place of a Lube

Just like the advantages, there are also several disadvantages of using Vaseline in place of lubes while having physical relations with partner. Some of these disadvantages have been listed below.

  • Cannot Be Used with Latex Condoms: Any petroleum-based product can damage latex and make it to tear very easily. This is no different in the case of Vaseline. If you use it with latex condoms, it will damage the protection and tear it. As an alternative you may use water-based lubes while having physical relations with partner. Sing a damaged condom is just like having unprotected physical relations.
  • Tough to Clean: Using Vaseline can result in a messy and sticky situation. This may cause discomfort for both you and your partner. Cleaning up the mess can also prove to be a challenging task. Using silicone or water based personal lubricants will be the best thing to do.
  • Can Give Rise to Infections: Studies have revealed that petroleum jelly can easily give rise to yeast that may prove to be infectious. If you use Vaseline it can easily give rise to pelvic inflammatory disease and bacterial vaginosis. Instead, use the proper personal lubes you find at stores.

Disclaimer: Please check Govt. regulations and medical consultancy before using Vaseline as Lube.

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