7 Series and Shows to Watch if You feel High

It’s hard to explain but some shows are way better when you’re high from weed. It’s as if getting high makes people more likely to get mind blown than when they’re not taking cannabis products. Considering that, it’s not surprising why a lot of people are looking for the best CBD deals, like getting a Lazarus CBD coupon code.

If you’re looking for a series to add to your list or you’re looking for ways to calm your nerves and ease your anxiety, here are 7 of the best stoner series and shows you should check out:

Series and Shows to Watch

Black Mirror

This is the series you should watch if you’re thinking of entering another world for a moment. The dystopian future presented in this drama will make you forget the harsh and hard reality of today. It’s seriously a mind-blowing show.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

It’s no secret that food tastes better when you’re high. They look more appealing when you’re in that state, too.

Watching Bourdain travel to different places to find the best food can make you feel like a food savant. You’ll find yourself rushing towards your fridge after an episode or two.

Trailer Park Boys

This Canadian series put the spotlight on three Nova Scotia trailer park residents. Their hard attempt to get rich puts their fellow residents in a lot of trouble. The long list of screw-ups these men faced along the way is quite entertaining. It’s so good that a movie version was released and it’s considered as one of the best films of 2000.

The Ranch

This comedy series is about a former college football star who’s struggling to accept that his best days are over. He decides to return for a semi-pro tryout in his hometown but soon realized that his family’s ranch is in serious trouble.

He moves back home to try and help out. In the process, he realizes that he’s not really as successful as he once thought. The story of Colt Bennett will leave you laughing and crying.

Stranger Things

Whether you’re high or not, you’ll find this insanely popular series quite entertaining. It follows the adventure of a group of adolescents discovering secret government threats and supernatural forces. This is a seriously good series to watch while waiting for new shows to come out.

Rick and Morty

This series is all about the misadventures of the mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty. It follows their adventure in exploring the exciting and funny aspects of the alien world.

The characters don’t take themselves seriously and that what makes the series quite relatable. Everyone deserves to let loose once in a while, right?

House Hunters

Believe it or not, this series is surprisingly entertaining to watch when you’re high. Going through a bunch of cool home features and architecture when in you’re such state can be pretty satisfying. It’ll be hard to press that stop button once you start watching it.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing wrong with relaxing at home with a good series and weed. With how stressful things are these days, you definitely deserve a break. Whether you watch one or all of these series is up to you. You just have to keep in mind that they’re all quite addicting. You may find yourself glued to your couch and TV for hours.

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