Why You Need Refresher Driving Lessons in Australia

When travelling to new countries, you should be aware of the different customs, traditions, and habits of the country you are visiting. The same goes for the driving standards of the country. Australia is a country that gets a lot of different types of visitors ranging from immigrants, ex-pats, and tourists.

Most tourists in Australia would only stay for short periods. They rely on public transportation or a pre-booked means of transport to get around different tourists destinations. However, ex-pats who wind up working in Australia for prolonged periods would often rent or purchase their cars and get refresher driving lessons at EzLicence to be able to drive around the country.

So why do you need to get refresher driving lessons? If you are planning an indefinite stay in Australia and you want to drive yourself around, then you need to get refresher driving lessons at EzLicence for the following reasons:

Refresher Driving Lessons in Australia

1. Adjusting to left-side driving. 

Australian drivers drive on the left side of the road. This means that you will have a tougher time adjusting if you came from countries that operate cars on the right side of the roadway.

2. Reorienting to the driver’s cockpit. 

Although the driving pedals will not differ from a left-hand drive car to a right-hand one, you will still need to adjust to the orientation of an Australian car especially if you are going to drive one with a stick shift. The shift and the hand brakes of a right-hand drive car are located on the left side of the driver. Getting refresher driving lessons at EzLicence will help you adjust much quicker.

3. Switching to transmission types

Refresher driving lessons at EzLicence are also a good investment if you want to learn to drive a car with a different transmission type from your previous car. Australian cars are mostly automatic transmission cars. However, manual transmission cars are still widely accepted in the country. So if you are learning to drive in Australia, then it is advisable to learn to drive an automatic car so that you will not get confused about the location of the shifter.

4. Navigating the city. 

Another good reason to get refresher driving lessons is for you to get to know the ins and outs of driving in Australia. Professional driving instructors can give you the secrets of navigating Australian roads and highways. Driving instructors can also give you tips on how to park correctly, navigate a roundabout, avoid bad Australian driving habits, and to drive alongside trams.

5. Getting a driver’s license.

If you are an experienced driver, you may not require refresher driving lessons at EzLicence to improve your driving skills. You may, however, need the refresher driving lessons to pass the driving test. Different countries may have their own sets of driving rules that you must memorize to pass a driver’s test. Refresher driving lessons will give you the details on the different driving laws of Australia to help you pass the Australian driving test the first time.

The number of refresher driving lessons at EzLicence will ultimately depend on the extensiveness of your driving experience, your attitude towards change, and the goal you have set for getting the lessons in the first place. Are you just looking to pass the driver’s test, or do you want to improve your driving skills?

Getting refresher driving lessons in Australia is your choice. However, if you want to have a safe driving experience in Australia, then getting driving lessons will be a worthwhile investment.


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