Why Is Soho in London Such a Desirable Place?

The capital of London is diverse, and within the capital, there are a variety of Boroughs and areas that are all unique in their own way. Soho is a unique area in London that is desirable to many, but why? What has it got to offer visitors and businesses, and what potential does it have for the future? With increased desirability, you may think that Soho would have peaked, but it is far from this.  The diversity and challenges Soho has overcome have been a positive influence.

Soho in London

It’s Energetic and Vibrant

Soho is vibrant and energetic, and it is known for its diverse way of life. It offers a variety of restaurants and eateries on offer and more than just a scattering of bars and clubs – often within proximity to one another. The energy and vibrancy that Soho can offer did have an impact on its reputation in the late 1990s; however, since then, things have drastically changed. It is now seen as a haven for creative minds and a place where residents and businesses can thrive.

A Great Location for Business

Small and large businesses often startup in Soho because of the atmosphere and creativity on offer. Businesses can start off from the kitchen table, and before long, they can be looking for a fully serviced office through The Workplace Company. International businesses and national homegrown businesses are looking at Soho in a new light because of what it can offer them. It can provide a central location with great accessibility and connections. It can also offer them a chance to breathe new life into their business and operations.

It is known for Reinvention

Soho has reinvented itself many times, and it will continue to do so moving forwards. This reinvention is what businesses and residents desire and need. In the past, it may have been known for its party scene and nightlife. However, now it is becoming known for the businesses it is home to, as well as the businesses that are moving to the area. Not many areas can reinvent themselves as Soho can (and does). It has the ability to shed its layers and become something new and exciting (while retaining interest and desire). If an area cannot reinvent itself, then it can be negatively tarnished. This will then have an impact on property prices, rents, and businesses that reside in the area.

Regeneration for the Future

Like many other areas and boroughs of London, Soho is focused firmly on regeneration. This regeneration is beneficial for residents (including those with families) and for businesses that are looking to move to the area. Extra investment in new structures (improvement works, too) and faster connections are positive, whichever way you look at it. As Soho is a desirable area (yet still very much an up-and-coming area for businesses and residents alike), it is more affordable than certain areas such as Mayfair. This affordability can be a positive choice for new and growing businesses.

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