How To Stick To Your Budget While Living in a PG in Bangalore

Whether it’s for college, a new job, starting your own business, or any other factor, you’re finally moving out of your family home and into the fast-paced city of Bangalore. This is the city to go to when you have big dreams and aspirations, and you certainly have enough of those. But as you settle down in your PG and start exploring Bangalore, you realise that your wallet is finding it difficult to keep up with your exploration. Because when you first move to a new place, there are tons of expenses that you have to take care of. So, how do you ensure you’re sticking to your budget even while living in a ladies PG in BTM Layout? And what are the smart swaps and savings you can make so that your monthly allowance lasts longer? Today we’ve got some tips that will help you live much more affordably in Bangalore.

Budget While Living in a PG in Bangalore

Check Your Expenses

The first thing you need to do if you’re finding it difficult to stick to your budget is to check what you’re spending all that money on. Most of the time, our expenses can be divided into wants and needs. If you’re finding that your excess expenditure is a result of a lot of impulse shopping on things you don’t really need, it’ll be easy to reprioritise and set a limit on your ‘wants’ for a particular month. This should cut down a lot of your expenditure without impacting your life too much. But if it’s your needs that are making it difficult for you to stick to your budget, it’s time to find some low-cost swaps that you can undertake so that you can maximise your savings. We’ll discuss a few essential swaps you can make next.


Commute costs are one of the daily non-negotiable costs in our lives. After all, you have to travel to college or work, it’s the whole reason you moved to Bangalore in the first place. But there might be some ways you can make this travel less expensive. Rely on public transport as much as possible for your commute in order to make it more affordable. Purchasing a monthly pass or card may also allow you to get some discounts or reimbursement. If there are others in your PG who work or study in your college or office, why not try carpooling with them to cut costs further? You’ll save some money and also be doing your bit for the environment!


How much of your budget are you spending on shopping trips or movie outings? While these are fun once in a while, overdoing your entertainment can take a heavy toll on your wallet. That doesn’t mean you need to compromise and not have any fun at all though. You can just opt for a more cost-effective alternative. Invest in an online streaming service for your film and television needs and have a viewing party with your friends from the comfort of your PG room. Or buy those shoes that you were eyeing at the store online at a discounted price instead of paying MRP. These simple alternatives can make it a lot easier for you to save some cash without compromising on the quality of your life.

Utilities and Amenities

Your monthly PG rent is already the largest chunk of your expenditure. If you’re having to shell out additional amounts on utilities or amenities, it’s going to eat up a large chunk of your allowance. Instead of a traditional paying guest residence, why not opt for a more modern option like Stanza Living PGs in Bangalore, which are managed accommodation with an all-inclusive rent. No more paying extra for services like laundry, wi-fi or housekeeping. You’ll have all the comforts built into your monthly rent. Plus, the amenities that they offer in terms of in house gym and entertainment zone might even cut down some of your additional expenses too.

These are some tips that can help you stick to your budget while living in a PG in Bangalore. So, don’t let the expenses get the better of you. Save smart and live smart, too!

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