Sonia Isaza Instagram Age height wiki bio and lesser known facts

Sonia Isaza is one of the most popular fitness models in the world.  She is also known as a bodybuilder, social media celebrity, and fitness model. She was born in the city of Pereira in Colombia. She was inspired by many of the bikini models after that at the age of 20 she entered the bodybuilding industry. After a few years of workouts, she makes the transformed body worthy of competing. In the year 2006, she moved to California to achieve her dream. After a few years in California, she became one of the leading Colombian athletes. She makes an unbelievable transformation in her body. Furthermore, she became more popular on all social media pages. She regularly posts her journey and workouts on social media pages. Many sports nutrition company and local and then regional competitors sponsored Sonia in California, USA.

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Sonia Isaza Instagram age height wiki bio and lesser-known facts

Real NameSonia Isaza
Date of birth September 24, 1988
Place of birthPereira, Colombia
ProfessionFitness Model, Influencer
Age31 Years as of Nov 2020
Height 5’ 3’’
Zodiac Libra
BoyfriendArturo Vidal (2019 – present)
Net worth600 K $ Approx
Social MediaInstagram – @ niaisazaoficial

Twitter – @ niaisaza1

She was born and lived in Pereira which is located in the Andes foothills. In her growing period, she is fully active and energetic. During her school days and her childhood days,  she is happier with her lifestyle. At the age of 22, she decided to “push her limits” to make the amazing transformation. In her starting period of gym training, she did not have more awareness and knowledge about the nutrition approach. So, she decided to take the support and help of a coach for basic exercise. After a half year, she continued with harder exercises. She took the next step in the year 2006, and she became the best competitive builder. For the next several years, she takes competitive and hard training. When she is completed her fitness lifestyle routine then she participated in many live local tv shows.

In the year 2016, she became an inspiring and well-known woman in the industry. She motivates many of the youngsters around the world.

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Squats of Sonia Isaza

Sonia’s lovable body part is her beautiful glutes and she had curvy legs and a strong body by her machine squats. She is most important for her regular squats. Because she believes her regular squats provide stress fewer workouts. She concentrated on her glutes, quads, hamstrings, and her lower back.

Favorite Workouts

The abdominal workout is the most lovable workouts of Sonia. She was born on September 24, 1988. She is one of the most popular and richest models in Colombia. And she had the famous database with her 30 years old. Dating life is too difficult in her life and she faces many struggles in her relationship life. And Sonia is not ready to tell her personal life information, marital status, and divorce. She focuses totally on her abs and glutes. Most of us think she is doing some critical exercises with strained but the true thing is taking pure drinks and food on her journey. She motivates most of the youngsters with his bodybuilding workouts.

Sonia Isaza Net Worth

She had a net worth of over $300,000 throughout her successful life career. Her online fame gives her more opportunities and sponsorships. And she never gives up her profession and hard work until reaches the pick range of growth.

Online Fame of Sonia

After many years of workouts, she is qualified in many prestigious competitions. And she participated in an annual competition featuring athletes across the world. This Arnold Schwarzenegger is located in various locations across the world. She spent her time in Australia at that time encouraged by others. And she is available online all the time. And she had many followers and fans on social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, and others. In the year 2010, Instagram became the most popular social media. And using this social media support she earned billion of money.

Trend Endeavors

Sonia decided to continue her work with social media support. She uploads her videos and pictures regularly and she gained 2.7 million followers for her post. Mostly she posts her lot of personal videos and photos which she takes in her gym training. These media spread in pre-approved followers or the public. They can modify the content and information with the help of the location services.

Relationship status

She mostly doesn’t share most of the things in her personal life she shares her gym training. And she had a boyfriend namely Arturo Vidal. He is a professional soccer player. They make a living together in 2018. Their relationship information came out in public in January 2019, because she posted both photos and information on social media. Her boyfriend is most famous in the soccer game in Spanish club Barcelona and he also played on the national team. His nickname is King Arthur and he got this name because he played in the Italian club Juventus. He earned the name from his fan base due to his aggressive play.

She loves her workout with abs and her body mostly helps her career growth. Similar to numerous fitness models, fitness personalities, bodybuilders, she remains active online, often making posts on Instagram multiple times a week. She also had an account on Twitter with 2,400 followers even if she did anything on Instagram. Moreover, she had a Facebook account with 132,000 followers. But she has been active since 2018. She posts very few photos with her friend’s circle.

Struggles in Life

Chilean soccer player Vidal dating Sonia. In 2019, she began her dating life with her boyfriend. But unfortunately her boyfriend vital married the star Maria Teresa Matus and he divorced Maria over more than four years. She never gave up her workouts and training till now. She is the best bold builder in the world.

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