Meebhoomi Portal For Viewing Andhra Pradesh Land Records Online

Meebhoomi is a digital-based Land record maintained by the Andhra Pradesh Government. They launched this by the name of Meebhoomi AP in the year 2015. The government collects the information of records and services that a led by the landowners. The portal is a completely digitalized and online based system that makes people access easily.

Apart from this the system that connects the work on the basic process of getting the downloads easily. It is very convenient to utilize and also the ownership certificate can be easily downloaded as well. The portal is user-friendly and property owners have not felt any discomfort in utilizing this access online portal.

There are several land records that get connected to the land ownership from the different services. It is completely related to the work that is introduced on the basis of the government that focuses to introduce the service that is related to having property owners in the state.  This Meebhoomi portal has the best plan for accessing the service and will use it well.

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How t0 login Meebhoomi online portal?

Just follow up on these instructions to create the account to access the online portal easily. This makes the work very easier to get the updates from the government and then more updates will be useful for the property owners.

  1. First thing is to visit the official website of the Meebhoomi portal in the web browser through a stable internet connection.
  2. After entering the homepage, click on the registration option and then you’ll be redirected to the registration form and fill out forms.
  3. Then you’ll receive a verification link which has to verify and then your account will be ready.
  4. Then for login follow the same process by using your mail id or mobile no or password as credentials to enter the account in the login portal.
  5. After the login step enters the account to check out the details that are required for the features which depend on the property owners.
  6. The successful login process will get the process that gets the better passbook for Meebhoomi procedures that can bring updates.
  7. It is present as it says that the portal on the successful login online portal gets better access as well.
  8. Moreover, the owner has the best present for the property to deal around the respective process on the progress which carries the complete details in it.
  9. The service updates on the city places that make better progress on the suitable work from the website to access the online portal.
  10. It shows the updates on the individual on the certificates providing the best maintenance on the high range of online portals.

What is basically Adangal AP?

It is a detailed account that is related to the plot of land which is located within the boundaries of Andhra Pradesh. The map insists on the documents to maintain the administrative work which works on the land that owns the village concerned by the people or the property owners. The type of landowners can get the time situated right on the basis of some authority that provides the best land properties which carry the best liabilities.

On the administrative work to focus along with the concerned people’s land. It makes better work on Woking from the individual things on getting along the online property that uses the abilities on the tenancy and many other authorities that can provide the best process in the online portal.

What is Meebhoombi 1b document?

This is also called ROR which has an extract of the land document and it helps the Department of Revenue of the State. Preceding the Meebhoomi digitization of records, a register was kept up to list land records for each town independently. This is used for the official purpose where the online document can get the better from this AP 1b document.

How to download this Meebhoomi 1-B?

Follow this bit by bit system to see and download your Meebhoomi AP 1b report on the web:

  1. Visit the Meebhoomi entry and snap on ‘1-B’ from the top menu and pick 1-B starting from the drop menu.
  2. You will be diverted to another page on the Meebhoomi entry where you can track down the fundamental data, subsequent to submitting imperative subtleties, for example, locale, zone, and town name.
  3. So forth you can look through the Meebhoomi 1b archive based on five measures study number, account number, Aadhaar number, Name of Pattadar, and auto mutation records.

How to see and download this Meebhoomi Adangal?

It is also termed Village Count Number 3, where it is being maintained by some administration to keep and collect the details as well. It also includes the details like land, nature, and official information as well.  Follow this bit by bit method to see and download your Meebhoomi Adangal on the web:

  1. Visit the Meebhoomi entryway and snap on ‘Adangal’ from the top menu.
  2. After this step, select the Meebhoomi Adangal and view the complete process on the page.
  3. You will be diverted to another page where you can track down Meebhoomi Adangal data, subsequent to submitting essential subtleties, for example, area, zone, town name, and so on.
  4. You can look through Meebhoomi Adangal AP based on four measures overview number, account number, Aadhaar number, and auto mutation records.

Difference between 1B and Adangal Meebhoomi

This is said to have a great process on the documents from which the best part of the process will get to know the Meebhoomi as it is kept by the tehsildar and then the seller’s detail. Meebhoomi 1B can be utilized for bank advances and legal disputes.

While the Meebhoomi Adangal is an archive that has insights concerning the land type, nature of the land, and other data connected with land as it were. The information is kept secret in this process where the mortgaged one is better on the list of information.

Final Words

So, finally this online portal clearly helpful for the property owners in getting to know better information from the Andhra Pradesh Government. This is very useful and also gets better updates once it is logged on to it.

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