Four Elegant Timepieces By Marc Jacobs

When it comes to watches, we tend to purchase the most luxurious ones and the expensive ones without thinking that international brands offer the same quality and stunning designs at a more affordable and reasonable price. One of these known brands is the famous Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs is one of the best American fashion brands owned by the famous American designer, Marc Jacob himself. The company was founded in 1984 in of the busiest cities in the world, New York City. The eminent collection of watches of Marc Jacobs is known as Marc, and it is one of the most loved by women. Here are four new models you might want to purchase.

Four Elegant Timepieces By Marc Jacobs

MBM3101 By Marc Jacobs

This timepiece is one of the newest models of the Marc By Marc Jacobs watch collection made perfectly for women. This watch has a luxurious and elegant style that perfectly fits all hardworking and career-driven women worldwide. The watch is a perfect accessory for any formal and business attires.

It has a gold luminescence finish dial with Swarovski crystal hour markers and gold-tone hour and minute hands. Marc Jacobs’ brand name is engraved in silver-tone inside the dial, and three subdials indicate its minute, hour, and seconds. It also has a date indicator feature in the middle of its 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock.

The dial is surrounded by a golden bezel placed on top of its 40 mm round case in gold-tone stainless steel material. Its watch’s bracelet is made with stainless steel material in gold-tone, which matches its case and dial. This luxurious-looking wristwatch has a water-resistant feature of 50 meters.

MBM3223 By Marc Jacobs

The MBM3223 is one of the most feminine designs of watches made exclusively for ladies who love wearing stunning accessories on different occasions. It has a sizeable crystal-designed bezel surrounding its dial, making the watch very elegant and feminine. This timepiece is a perfect pair of accessories for any fashionable style.

It has a rose gold color dial with a mix of geometrics and Arabic numerals hour markers and a thin minute and hour hands in the middle with a luminescence rose-gold tone. The bezel and dial are placed on top of its round 37 mm case in stainless steel material colored in rose gold-tone.

To complete this timepiece’s fashionable and luxurious look, they used a stainless steel material for its bracelet and buckle. They colored it with a rose-gold tone to maintain its single tone style. The watch has a water-resistant feature that could survive the depth of 50 meters.

MBM3330 By Marc Jacobs

This timepiece belongs to Marc’s watch collection’s new models with a sophisticated look and a classy minimalist style. The watch’s minimalist design makes it easy when pairing it with any fashionable attire, whether it is for a casual event or a formal one. This watch is a perfect fit for any events, even for meetings.

It has a navy blue dial with a fine finish. The hour markers of this timepiece are a combination of geometrics and the famous Marc name, and it has a thin stick hour and minute hands located in the middle in the rose gold-tone. The watch has a minute indicator located on the watch’s 6 o’clock.

Its 36 mm round case is made of stainless steel material in rose gold-tone; the same goes with its bracelet and buckle. This elegant and sophisticated timepiece has a water-resistant feature that could survive up to 50 meters.

MBM1329 By Marc Jacobs

This timepiece is one of the minimalist designs of Marc Jacobs that are perfect for any casual attire. It can be worn by ladies from teenagers to adults because of its simple design with a powerful color combination of blue and rose gold.

It has a dark navy blue dial with mixed geometrics and Marc name hour markers in rose gold-tone. The hands for its hour and minute markers are made from stainless steel in a rose gold-tone. It has a minute indicator and a water-resistant feature of 50 meters.

The 36 mm round case is made from stainless steel material in a rose gold-tone and its buckle. Its straps are made from leather material in navy blue color, complementing its dial. This beautiful minimalist watch is a great combination of any light color outfits and dresses.


Marc Jacobs is one of the famous brands of watches for the ladies. All of their collections are made with high-quality materials and in a very fashionable design that would go quickly with any occasion.

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