6 Tonic water nonalcoholic drinks you must try

Tonic water is known as a carbonated drink that contains a small amount of quinine. It was traditionally used to prevent the diseases like malaria. This substance tends to give a bitter taste to tonic water. It is generally used as a mixer in various cocktail and mocktail drinks especially in tonic and classic gin. Hence there is no reason for which you simply cannot try the tonic water.

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Be Sweet Tonic Water Plus fruit Juice

This is the simplest tonic-based virgin cocktail drink which can be made by combining tonic water and fruit juice. Lime juice is always preferred in this recipe as tonic water goes well with it to subsidize the bitter taste of tonic water. If you wish to try the sweeter version then you can certainly try pomegranate juice or cranberry juice along with tonic. There is a famous non-alcoholic drink named Virgin Screwdriver also called End Wrench is made of tonic water and orange juice. Blood orange juice also makes a good companion in nonalcoholic tonic water drinks. You can try Tonic water Australia from Strange love for this.

Go Healthy Tonic Water with Vegetables

There is a healthy tonic water version you can create with vegetables. You can simply combine cucumber juice or sliced cucumbers along with tonic water to make the refreshing alcohol-free summer drink. You can choose to garnish it with lime, lemon, mint, or rosemary. Celery is known to be the best flavor that goes well with this combination. You can also try adding a splash of lemon juice along with the celery stick. A tomato cooler is also a refreshing nonalcoholic drink that you can make with tonic water and vegetables. This drink contains tomato juice and tonic water along with a splash of lemon juice. You can also make the Canadian version of this drink by adding clamato juice instead of the regular tomato juice. This drink is a replica of the famous Canadian cocktail drink named Caesar or Bloody Caesar. Clamato juice makes this drink saltier.

Relist it Bitters with Herbs

You can easily create a refreshing tonic water drink with herbs. All you need is a simple lime drink, tonic water, and some dash of bitters. These dashes of bitters also go well with pomegranate and cranberry juice. One can also infuse the syrup with some herbal flavors to make a simple non-alcoholic cooler along with tonic water. You can make one ingredient simple syrup with mint or rosemary or can mix and match the flavors. Juniper is known as the important element that adds flavor to the drink. You can choose between sage, lavender, ginger, green tea, and citrus zest.

Mocktails with Tonic

You can make the basic Singapore sling cocktail drink with the combination of mango juice, pineapple juice, pomegranate juice, and lime juice along with tonic water. You can choose to serve it with the strings of mint. Here you can start with mixing the lemonade with tonic water along with a dash of bitters to add the pleasant bitter variation to your sparkling lemonade. Nowadays most people also love to sip vinegar. You can try to mix it up with tonic water to make the simple syrup.

Just Tonic

You can also add variations in drink by simply changing the tonic water brand. You can get a couple of brands from the nearby grocery stores to experiment with. Each tonic water comes with its taste. For example, Fever free tonic water is knowns to give smaller champagne-like bubbles. Most of the tonic waters are flavored with the extracts of lemon, pink grapefruit, basil, or elderflower. You can also lookout for brands that come without artificial sweeteners such as Fentimans.

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