Must-Have Stylish Wallpapers for 2021 and Beyond

Wallpaper is back and bigger than ever! Reach new levels of chic in your apartment with these essential wallpaper trends for 2021 and beyond.

Today’s favorite wallpaper styles combine elements of technology with tactile prints. Instead of plain or bland floral patterns or neutral geometric shapes, it’s not unusual to find walls filled with bold colors and images.

Imagine what you’d love to walk into when you come home. Do you want a room full of serenity and tranquility? An upbeat and happy space? Elegance and sophistication?

No matter what your goal is, your wallpaper can help you reach it. With 3D textured prints, panoramas, textures, bright botanicals, and more, you don’t have to leave your home to find paradise.

And now that removable wallpaper is everywhere, you can use this decor as a renter or homeowner.

But searching for wallpaper online today is more likely to direct you to phone images than the stuff you hang on your apartment walls. To find the prints that are trending and modern, you have to dig a little deeper.

We share the lowdown on the top seven stylish wallpaper trends that will take you through 2021 and beyond.

Stylish Wallpapers

1. 3D Prints

There are wallpaper designs that appear realistic, and then there are those that look like they’re going to jump out at you. These latter designs use 3D imaging print technology, and it’s all the rage today.

To create 3D wallpaper, manufacturers take an image and adjust it using something called a stereoscopic effect. With this remarkable technology, a flat image becomes one with a three-dimensional appearance.

The technology tweaks the picture, so the illusion of depth is there. And so your visual perception sees an object as three-dimensional and lifelike instead of the flat canvas.

Check out these geometric shapes, for instance. The wallpaper comes in easy-to-apply panels of four, so you can move the panels around to create a new look with every mood.

Use these lava wallpaper stickers on your floor for some real fun and invite new guests over to get their reaction.

2. Panoramas

Have you ever seen the panorama feature on your cell phone’s camera and wondered what it was for?

A panorama is a wide-angle view of something. It can be a photograph, a drawing, a painting, or any other representation.

Your cell phone gives you the chance to take a panoramic photo by holding the camera button and “panning” around the area slowly. The result is a full-size view of an area that you wouldn’t otherwise fit in your shot.

Manufacturers use those images to make beautiful panoramic wallpapers. Any environment you’d like to surround yourself with can become your wall covering.

Some of these products are from drawings or paintings, like this mountain view wallpaper. For those who want to feel like they’re genuinely in another land, find a panoramic mural you’ll love to cover each blank wall.

3. Nature’s Textures

Nature is full of gorgeous textures that you can replicate with your wallpaper. One of the most commonly seen trends right now is grasscloth.

The manufacturers weave together the framework using all-natural materials like arrowroot, cork, hemp burlap, and reed. These are then fastened to materials like rice paper and attached with cotton threads.

The final result is an intricate, delicate pattern that you can use as wallpaper or home decor.

Note: Because the process is complex, true grasscloth and other nature-derived wallpaper are more expensive than mass-produced.

Make sure you use this somewhere you’ll be staying for a while to make this investment last.

4. Trompe-l’œil

Were you always drawn to optical illusions as a child? These “trick of the eye” drawings are known as trompe-l’oeil in the art world.

This technique uses realistic imagery to design artwork that looks like three-dimensional objects. It’s an optical illusion that tricks your visual perception.

It’s similar to 3D wallpaper but with a twist. The optical illusion of trompe-l’oeil can change its appearance, depending on how the viewer perceives it and at different angles.

One example is this extended hallway illusion of the Palace of Venaria. Hang it in your living room to make your home look like a castle!

5. New Bright Botanicals

You’re probably wondering what’s new about floral wallpaper. Yes, botanicals have been around since your grandmother’s grandmother was in charge of decor.

Hear us out, though.

The new trend is botanicals that make a statement. They’re bold. They’re brassy. They’re delicate. They’re sassy.

You know how the saying goes, “Say it with flowers”? Well, that now applies to your wallpaper, too.

Do you want a look that tells anyone in your home that you’re strong and independent? Use bold colors with massive flowers splashed across your wall.

Would you prefer something dainty and sweet? Aim for pastels, lattices, and delicate patterns to fill your blank space.

From bold and brash to delicate and charming, your botanicals can make the statement loud and clear.

6. Into the Wild

They said it’s a jungle out there, but it can be one in your home, too.

The wilds of the world are full of tropical plants, intimidating animals, and colors. Lots and lots of colors.

To bring your favorite wildlife theme into your room, all you need is suitable wallpaper!

Start by choosing the environment you want to recreate. Then, find a style you fall in love with. You might want to put flora and fauna in your living room and share the den of your favorite animal in your bedroom.

Spread the theme throughout each room, and you brought the wild world of nature into your home.

Lions and tigers and bears … and oh so much more … are waiting for you to hang them on your walls today.

7. Abstracts

For decades, abstract art has influenced our interior and exterior designs.

Now, it’s making a major comeback through computerized programs that turn your walls into pieces of art.

Abstract design is an art technique that uses shape, color, line, and form to create a picture. It doesn’t have to—and often won’t—look like anything in the real world.

Random caricatures, asymmetric geometric shapes, and completely unique designs fill this wallpaper category.

You’ll see a lot of abstract art in professional buildings. If you love the style, though, there’s a wallpaper design out here for you!


Ready to make a change in your home without a major renovation? Add wallpaper to each room for a quick, inexpensive, and accessible style overhaul!

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