Monetize your blog in 4 easy steps

Do you run a blog with a significant number of followers? Do you want to start earning money from your blog? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are in the right place.

The internet has changed a lot in the last decade. As more people spend time online, the advertising industry has shifted its focus to the web. More brands and businesses are investing in digital marketing than traditional marketing techniques. A substantial number—220 million users—access digital services through their phones.

Hence, it makes sense for brands to invest in digital marketing. To build their audience effectively and authentically, businesses seek out blog owners, who already have a following of their own. It provides an opportunity for blogs to connect with brands that they trust while making money on the side.

Monetize your blog

If you want to transform your blog into an income source, here are four easy steps to follow.

1. Advertisements

One way to monetize your blog is to place ads on it. Google AdSense is a popular advertisement tool used by brands because it places ads that are relevant to your blog. For brands with similar interests, it means more traction; and brands are willing to pay for it. You only get paid if a person clicks on the ad. Apart from this, you can directly ask businesses to place their ads on your website.

2. Affiliate marketing

In recent years, many bloggers have turned to affiliate marketing. Businesses seek out bloggers that serve a niche similar to their brand. In this, bloggers provide product reviews and promotions for a brand.

Because of the competitive nature of affiliate marketing, it is often hard for bloggers and businesses to find each other. Hence, joining an affiliate network serves this purpose. For instance, if you are in the UK, local brands may reach out to you. So, joining an affiliate network UK will not only help you get in touch with local brands, but it will also help you in collaborating with other bloggers.

3. Subscriptions

A subscription-based model for your blog is another way to earn money. If your readers are interested in the content that you share, you can charge a monthly fee for it. You can provide e-books, coaching lessons, and premium content to your followers. This way, you have a steady source of income while creating a community of like-minded individuals.

4. Sponsorship

Brands often sponsor the content that bloggers post. However, as a blogger, you must be transparent with your followers about it. It creates trust with your readers.

You may confuse sponsorship with affiliate marketing, but these are different. In affiliate marketing, the blogger gets paid when the company’s goal is achieved—similar to receiving a commission. In sponsorship, bloggers earn by getting paid for a blog post related to the product/service.


Before you can monetize your website, however, you need to have traffic on your blog. It can take some effort to bring followers to the blog. One way is through networking and collaborative efforts. People will prefer authentic blogs that provide information, discuss topics, and provide a platform for sharing—essentially adding value to the readers’ ideas.

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