Molly Qerim Rose Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki, Bio and Lesser Known Facts

Molly Qerim  Rose has become one of the names whom everyone appreciates and admires and molly is an American Sports anchor and moderator for ESPN’s First Take. Qerim was also the Host of NFL Network’s weekday morning show, NFL AM, and NFL Fantasy Live.

Molly Qerim

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Molly Qerim Rose age, Height, Instagram, Wiki, Bio, Hot Pictures and Lesser Known Facts

Real NameMolly Qerim Rose
Date of BirthMarch 31, 1984 ( New Haven, Connecticut )
Age36 Years Approx ( Aug 2020)
Height168 cm
EducationBachelor of Arts in communications - University of Connecticut
Master's degree broadcast journalism from Quinnipiac University
ProfessionReporter, Anchor, News Reader
Marital StatusJalen Rose ( 2018 )
Net Worth3-4 Million USD
Social MediaInstagram - @mollyqerim
Twitter - @mollyqerim

Early life of Molly Qerim Rose

Qerim was an anchor and reporter at the CBS Sports Network and from there onwards beginning of an era started. She has done lots of work during her lifetime and that brought her great exposure to many things, she was a studio anchor and there she also had hosted the SEC Tailgate show, SEC Tonight, MaxPreps Lemming Report, Full Court Press, and Bracket Breakdown. She is part of many shows and her anchoring is really famous among many for many reasons. The way she hosts and the way she presents herself is quite impressive and that makes people think about her. She is on the other hand very beautiful and a charming face that also makes people fall for her.

Molly Qerim Rose Instagram

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Molly Qerim on sports

She says sports are something which is for everyone still not for everyone because the sport is a choice when a person is demanded sheer determination, focused, and hard-working. If you are ready to pay all of these then congratulations this filed is none other than but for you. So Molly Qerim decided also had decided at a very early age of her life to play sports but she could not play but anchor that she also had started with Max Kellerman.

Recently Molly Qerim has anchored and been at ESPN 2’s Fantasy Football Now as a breaking news reporter. For this, she has also received a renowned respectful Emmy Award and this added just star into her life. On the other hand, she had also been part of the correspondent for ESPN network’s ‘MMA Live’. She has worked day and night to earn what she has and she has also worked at the NFL Network as a reporter. Also, she had hosted this NFL Network’s shows ‘NFL Fantasy Live’ and ‘NFL AM’.

She was part of shows like ‘Full Court Press, SEC tailgate show, SEC Tonight, the American broadcaster, Bracket Breakdown, and MaxPreps Lemming Report. Molly has beautifully anchored all of the shows and that is the reason she has got so much appreciation into her life. She has really worked day and night which also reminds her about how few days were difficult and how she was looking up for projects like NFL. She waited for such kind of projects and now she is done with that. A sport was something she wanted to do since her childhood hood but as she was not able to do so, so got many chances to anchor that and host. At that time, she beautifully hosted that and told the world that if you really believe in something and truly want that then the universe brings that to you.

Her personal life

She was born on March 31st, 1984 in New Haven, Connecticut and she is half Italian and half Albanian. Her studies were done from the University of Connecticut and she got her Bachelor of Arts degree in communications along with a minor in business administration. Then she received her master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Quinnipiac University.

She has even dated a former professional basketball player Jalen Rose. But when she got into a relationship with him she was much private and she never spoke about her relationships. Both kept their mouth shut on their private matters although, they both have caught a lot dating each other. Molly is really making money from her journalism and hosting career and her annual net worth is guessed worth $500k and $3 Million respectively. Although, Molly qerim is the kind of person who really maintains much privacy and this is a tough task to know her personal life. This is also one of the reasons that much is not known about her personal life.

The surgical operations of Molly Qerim

The simple answer to this rumor is her endometriosis. In the year 2011, this known anchor went through many ups and downs and the diagnosis happened with endometriosis, a chronic disease. This disease had spread to her liver and intestines and that was a turning point into her life. This changed a lot into her life and also made her realized that she must be strong. Being strong is the only option to survive and get out of this disease.

Some unknown facts about Molly Qerim Rose

  • It is not known by most of the people that Molly Qerim is mixed of half Italian and half Albanian.
  • This celebrity got ranked as the 20th most Sexiest Female Sportscasters by the in the year 2016.
  • She also owns a BMW which is worth of 51,000 dollars and a Range Rover worth 57, 000 dollars.
  • She is also one of the advocators of sporting activities at the University of Connecticut.
  • She had charming looks and that was the reason she also got mentioned by Rapper Eminem in one of his songs.

Her social media handles

Molly is an active member of her social media handles and anyone can follow her there. She regularly posts about her dos and activity. She truly had good numbers of fan followings and that also reminds her of how valuable and loving person she is. She has over 86, 000 likes on Facebook and 214k on Instagram followers. So she is everywhere on the platform and Molly Qerim is her username. She frequently also posts her videos on IG on Instagram and if you are willing to see that you can definitely follow her.


She is everywhere on social media so you can follow her and know about her updates. You can also download Molly Qerim Rose hot pictures, videos, and keep the news up to date by following her on Instagram or Facebook. She also posts IG videos there, so she truly is an active user of social media.

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