Gifts for the New Homeowner

Purchasing a home is an exciting milestone in a person’s life, but it doesn’t come without responsibility and anxiety. When escrow closes and we’ve signed on the dotted line, it can be a little overwhelming to think about the amount of money we’ve obligated ourselves to. If someone you know has recently purchased a new home, or you’ve been invited to a housewarming party, you owe it to that person to purchase a meaningful gift that truly celebrates this achievement. Great housewarming gifts can be divided into two categories; indoor and outdoor.

Gifts for new HomeownerIf you know the homeowner well, you might feel comfortable purchasing a piece of art or a framed photograph to decorate a wall in their home. If you don’t know the homeowner well, it is a better idea to go with something a little more generic. A classy frame makes a nice gift and the homeowner can fill it with whatever they choose. When it’s time to celebrate, it’s always nice to have a quality bottle of wine. Visit a wine store and pick up something nice for the new homeowner. Throw in a pair of wine glasses for an added touch. You can always show up to a housewarming party with a bouquet of flowers or an indoor plant. If you go with the flowers, bring them in a glass vase that the homeowner can use to display future flower bouquets. The new homeowner will undoubtedly want their new home smelling fresh. Pick up some scented candles that will serve to decorate the new home and make it smell nice. If possible, try to get an idea of the homeowner’s colors or style so you can purchase candles or candlesticks that will match the decor of the home.

When a new homeowner is moving from an apartment to a home, they often overlook the fact that they have a whole new domain to worry about; the outdoors. If you’re really close with the new homeowner and feel like being generous, you can purchase a lawnmower for them. It’s big expense for a new homeowner and they are often surprised when they wander into the local Home Depot and spot the lawnmower aisle. If that’s too much money to spend, you can please the homeowner with a rake, some garden art or an outdoor garden tool. Speaking of tools, every homeowner needs a drill. They need a high-quality drill that comes with more than one battery and can be depended on to charge quickly. These are all practical gifts that the homeowner might not have realized they need, but will surely appreciate.

Some other outdoor gift items fall into the category of decorative items. You can purchase a lovely wreath with which they can adorn their door. Or, you can find out the numbers to their home and purchase a set of fancy numbers to hang beside their garage. Another nice idea is a personalized welcome mat that features their last name or the homeowner’s initials. A more pricey option is to find a mailbox that suits the style of their home; after all, the mortgage needs to be delivered somewhere!

If all else fails, think back to when you bought your first home. What purchases surprised (and irritated!) you the most? It’s probably the same case with your new homeowner friend…beat them to the chase and purchase that needed an item for them. If you find yourself running out of time, or creative juices, you can always find a gift card to a home improvement store!

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