Keep Your Car Clean (Ceramic Glass Cleaner, Organizers, and More)

Keep your car clean. Cleanliness is the key to attracting buyers. When you sell your vehicle, a dirty vehicle will be valued lower by a potential buyer. Plus, a dirty vehicle can also be an attraction to other shady characters. Not only is it bad for your vehicle’s look, but it also breeds bacteria. Food waste and drink stains, as well as items like gym clothes, can make your car smell horrible.

Keep Your Car Clean

Car Wash

Whether you are selling your vehicle or simply want to keep it clean, there are many reasons to take your vehicle to a professional Car Wash. Dirty cars will attract less attention and may not be worth as much as you thought. Not only do dirty vehicles look bad, but they can also harbor bacteria. These bacteria can grow on food and drinks left inside the vehicle.

Dirty gym clothes that are left in the vehicle can also breed bacteria. A typical vehicle wash has several types of washing equipment. Some vehicle wash soaps will remove surface contaminants, such as dirt, grease, and oil. Other chemicals are needed to remove rust-colored stains, rail dust, and other contaminants.

Different car washes may offer different chemicals to remove these contaminants. Those with automatic vehicle washes are best because they use automotive-grade cleaners that are safe for all makes and models. You can even get a drive-through to dry your vehicle no matter what the weather is like. However, if you have a problem area, you may want to use a hand-wash bay.

If you want your car to look new again, you should buy a microfiber towel instead of newspapers. Newspapers can be hazardous to automotive surfaces and may cause ink stains on your interior. Glass should be cleaned last because it can get dirty when other surfaces are being cleaned. If you have a sun-glasses-facing window, you may want to wash them in the shade. This way, you won’t have any unwanted materials splashed onto the glass.

Ceramic Glass Cleaner

Ceramic Glass Cleaner

If you’ve been worried about the haze left on your car’s glass, you may want to try using a ceramic glass cleaner. Using this product will remove a broad range of contaminants while car glass cleaning with it, including road grime, bird droppings, and cigarette smoke coating. Plus, it includes a lubricant that glides smoothly across the glass and works as a dust repellent.

To use a ceramic glass cleaner, you will need a microfiber cloth. Regular fabric cloths will leave a residue behind, and paper towels tend to lint. Microfiber cloths are the best choice since they can be folded into four parts. Auto cleaning experts recommend applying the cleaner directly onto the microfiber cloth, as overspray can leave stains.

You will need a cloth with a microfiber surface to get the job done, so be sure to wash your glass before you go outside. Some products are able to work on all glass surfaces, including the windshield, and even the interior windows.

These products use a patented formula containing a high concentration of ceramic, which works as a polishing agent, as well as protecting the glass with a protective SIO2 coating. Some cleansers come in a large bottle, with a convenient sprayer. These cleaners remove fingerprints, body oils, and other impediments that can interfere with your vision or the look of the vehicle.

It also protects against chemical etching and helps retain the factory feel. It also guards against harsh marine conditions and factors such as friction and heat, helping the glass to remain clean and shiny. Finally, the ceramic formula also offers improved scratch resistance. With a microfiber towel, all you have to do is wipe it down, flip it over, and wipe again to remove the visual residue. However, do not apply too much.

Air Fresheners

If you’re worried about the smell in your vehicle, you may want to consider air fresheners. These products have light scents that many people find pleasant, but they may not mask the odor of your vehicle. Besides a light scent, these products may mask the smell of coffee, cigarette smoke, or food.

You may also want to invest in washable covers for your vents, which will keep your vehicle smelling fresh and clean. While air fresheners help with odors, they cannot disinfect the air, as you can read more about here: After thoroughly cleaning your vehicle, you should only use an air freshener if the odor is gone.

You can even use aerosol sprays that promise to eliminate odors at their source. The sprays that contain volatile organic compounds have been linked to a number of adverse effects, including headaches and loss of coordination. Over time, prolonged exposure to VOCs can lead to cancer, liver disease, and central nervous system damage.

Vehicle Organizers

If you have ever struggled to keep your vehicle neat and tidy, you will probably agree with me that vehicle organizers are a godsend! You can keep a variety of items neat and organized in your vehicle. Depending on the model, car organizers can be mounted on the seat, sun visor, glove box, and even in the center console. Consider where you’ll be keeping items, such as the keys, and whether you use these items on a regular basis.

Some of the best organizers can find will feature Velcro grips at the bottom and a strap to hang it from the ceiling. They should always be secured in the car and check for Safety Recalls on anything you purchase for your auto. It also includes four mesh pockets on the left side. The organizer can easily be collapsed into a tote bag for easy carrying outside the car.

Other car organizers are useful for keeping life in the car more orderly. They keep things like cell phones and sunglasses readily available. They also help keep ancillary items, such as chargers, water bottles, and sunglasses, neatly arranged and easy to find. And they’re eco-friendly, too!

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