5 Interior Design Tips for Small Apartments

Small apartments may not always make for ideal living spaces, but due to costs or location, for many of us, they are a necessity. And just because they are small, this doesn’t mean they can’t be comfortable and pleasant. If you’re relocating to Alabama and looking for small Birmingham apartments you can move to, there are plenty of ways you can design it based on your own style. Here are 5 tips to make your apartment feel as spacious and nice as possible.

Interior Design Tips for Small Apartments

Invest in Space-Saving Furniture

The furniture you choose for your apartment will go a long way to determining how large your apartment feels. It’s therefore a good idea to choose pieces that contribute to maximizing your space. Large sofas, for example, can make living areas feel tight. However, switching them out for studio apartment sectionals, for example, can make a room feel much bigger. Incorporating furniture with built-in storage can also reduce the amount of floor space your things take up.

Utilize Vertical Storage

Storage is naturally at a premium in smaller apartments, so taking advantage of your vertical space can help you to make the best use of it. Tall and narrow spaces are optimal for small spaces since they minimize the amount of floor space taken up. Bookshelves can also create much more storage space, without being overly intrusive. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can even add hanging shelves to your home, to avoid taking up any floor space at all.

Widen Walkways

Making a room feel large and open is as much about creating the illusion of spaciousness as it is actually having a lot of space. To this end, there are numerous things that can be done to achieve this. One popular way is to maximize the size of your walkways in living spaces, by keeping ample distance between your furniture and reducing clutter. This will make guests perceive the space as larger than it is and avoid making rooms feel cramped and overcrowded.

Use Colors to Your Advantage

When decorating, you can also experiment with the colors of your apartment for the best, most spacious-feeling effects. The overuse of dark colors is generally to be avoided when working with small spaces since it can make areas feel dank and gloomy. Instead, mostly using a bright, neutral color palette will make your apartment feel light and spacious. Light grays and off-whites are particularly popular for smaller spaces. This effect can also be heightened by including some contrasting, bold colors to make the apartment more visually arresting.

Maximize Light

On a similar note, letting as much natural light into your apartment as possible can add a sense of warmth to your living area, while also preventing your home from feeling too dark and boxy. This can be achieved in multiple ways. To begin with, make sure there is nothing blocking any windows. You can then include reflective surfaces, glass, and mirrors. Mirrors also sever the dual purpose of creating the illusion of additional space. Finally, if you are very limited on natural light, you can add LED wall-sconces, which can serve as an effective alternative in a pinch.

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