6 Add-Ons to Perfect Your Log Cabin’s Design

Building a custom log cabin is the stuff that dreams are made of. People will dedicate their lives to buying, building, and perfecting their dream cabins. However, to make the design pitch-perfect, you need to consider all the potential add-ons you can use to make your cabin fit for a king. The more effort you put into the design process, the more tailor-fit the cabin will be to your needs, desires, and lifestyle, after all. If you’re ready to build your dream cabin, here are six add-ons you should consider, as they can perfect your custom log cabin’s design:

Log Cabin’s Design

1. A Spacious Front Porch

No log cabin is complete without a well-built, spacious front porch. After all, who wants to spend all their time locked indoors when they live in a beautiful outdoor paradise? By installing a porch that’s both huge, and well-designed, you’ll have an ideal spot to lounge, read, and host during warm summer days. By adding heaters and other comfortable appliance add-ons to your deck, you can make it comfortable year-round. Many cabin owners prioritize having a spacious front porch when looking for their dream home (or when having their dream cabin custom-built to their specifications). Folk even look for park model cabins for sale in their area with the add-ons they desire already built-in to a cabin’s design.

2. “Smart” Home Technology

Although most cabins are built out in remote areas, they are not meant to be lived in as though you were living in the 1800s. Make your living situation modern yet rustic by adding plenty of smart home tech to your cabin’s design. By building this tech directly into the home, especially when it comes to appliances and utilities, you can save tons of money, while making your cabin as cozy as a five-star hotel. The more you’re willing to invest in smart home tech, the more benefits you will unlock. For those who need extra accessibility features built into their homes, smart tech often proves especially useful.

3. A Fully Finished Basement

As is the case with any home, not just amazing custom-built cabins, having a fully finished basement is often a dream home improvement goal. Many cabins do not have basements, but if you’re building your cabin from scratch, you should include a basement space if at all possible. Even if you cannot finish it right away, it will provide excellent storage space and an area that can keep you safe in the event of harsh, dangerously inclement weather conditions. Once you do finish the basement, you can add hobby rooms, in-home theaters, and other modern luxury add-ons to make your cabin feel truly breathtaking.

4. A Well-Placed Hot Tub

Speaking of comfort, who doesn’t love the idea of spending a somewhat-chilly, but beautiful starlight night in a warm, perfectly prepared hot tub? Finding the perfect place to put your hot tub is key. For some cabin owners, having their hot tubs inside (preferably by a large window that will let in plenty of starlight) is ideal. For others, putting the hot tub on a porch, or patio is the right choice. For the odd ones out there, you may even want to put your hot tub far away from your home, so that you feel more in sync with nature as you enjoy the relaxing hot tub experience.

5. The Perfect Decor Options

Whether you’re dealing with pre-designed add-ons, or simply decorating your cabin after it’s been built, finding the perfect interior decor setup for your cabin is key to completing your dream home project. Use DIY decor, and more rustic decor, to unlock a cabin that feels highly unique. Using neutral colors, and plenty of antiques to decorate is also highly recommended. Thankfully, there are plenty of online blogs that are dedicated to helping cabin owners keep up with the latest interior decoration trends.

6. Open Floor Plans

Cabins benefit from open floor plans. By having your ground floor designed to be an open floor plan, you make your cabin feel more centered on you. Additionally, this will allow you (in combination with large, wide windows) to use sunlight to keep your home lit throughout the day. Not only will this make your interior shine with the natural beauty around the clock, but it will save you tons on energy costs yearly as well. If you haven’t considered an open floor plan for a custom-built cabin you’re building, you should ask your custom cabin builder about the benefits of having an open floor plan.

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