Information About Mushroom Supplements

Mushroom Supplements

There is a lot that you need to know about mushroom supplements. You don’t want to take something that is bad for you. You want to be sure that you are taking legitimate supplements.

You want to make sure that you are talking to legitimate mushroom supplement stores. You can visit gb mushrooms to make sure that you are getting the right stuff. They have the supplements that you need.

This article will give you some information about mushroom supplements. It will give you some answers to the questions that you might have. You can also do more research to find information on your own.

Information About Mushroom Supplements

Questions to Ask About Mushroom Supplements

1. What is the Product Made From?

This is important information for you to have – is it mushroom or mycelium? Many products are labeled as fungi when they are actually mycelium. If the company is an honest company the product will be labeled correctly.

Mycelium is not the same as fungi because mycelium does not have the same types of tissues that mushrooms have. They are similar, but they are not the same thing: Make sure what you are looking at has mushrooms in it and not just mycelium.

2. Why are There So Many Companies Selling Mycelium on Grain or MOG?

MOG is a relatively inexpensive product that is inexpensive to make. It is actually something called grain spawn, which is easy to produce. Unfortunately, it has very little of the medicinal matter that you want from mushrooms.

Since MOG is inexpensive to make, the companies can sell itcheaper, and more people will want to buy it. Unfortunately, people don’t realize that it is not the product that they are searching for. It is a far inferior product and will not help you as much as the real thing.

3. Is it Mushroom Extract or Powder?

You want the product to be an extract. The powder is just a little stronger than MOG and does just about as good. The extract is stronger than both MOG and the powder and will help you more than both.

You want the real thing, so you want the extract for the best effect. If you want your supplements to work to the best of their ability, you want the extract. The powder will not give you the same effect. 

4. Does the Product Talk About Medicinal Compounds?

Medicinal fungi have high content of beta-D-glucans, a type of polysaccharides. Look here for more information about this. You must be careful about high amounts of polysaccharides because they could also be simple starches and not what you are looking for. You want to make sure that the compounds that are listed are quantified so that you know what you are getting.

You want to look to make sure that the compounds are listed and quantified so that you know what you are getting. If they are not quantified, skip that product, and find one that does have it quantified. You want the best product that you can get.

5. Is it an Organic Product?

You want the products that you are using to be certified Organic. There are a couple of places that you can check to see if they are marked as organic. Remember, natural and organic do not mean the same things.

If the product is labeled natural it means that it is grown naturally, but not necessarily organic. You want the organic label because it shows that it is certified as such. Organic fungiis better than natural.

6. Where Does the Product Come From?

If the fungi is cultivated as health products, they probably don’t come from North America. It is too expensive to do that, so they mostly come from China. China produces about 85% of the world’s mushrooms for health products. 

You can find fungi that are made in North America, but you can be sure that you will pay two to three times the amount of money for them. If they come from China,you will still get the same quality, it will just be less expensive.

7. Are Chinese Mushrooms Trustworthy?

If they are grown in China, they must go through a strict analysis. They will go through heavy metals test at first. Then they will go through a process that checks for chemicals from agriculture and microbial contamination. 

8. Is Mycelium and Mushrooms a Good Combination?

Some companies claim that this is all a part of all the stages of growth. This is not exactly true because, although they are made from tissue that is similar, it is not the same thing. Mushrooms are much more complex than mycelium. 

9. Are Your Mushrooms Full Spectrum?

Full spectrum means that the mushroom that you are speaking about has all the necessary components of the fungi present. You would need an analysis that would show that it matches information that is published in major scientific magazines or in government databases. This would show that the mushrooms are full spectrum mushrooms. 

10. Can a Mycelium Product Be Labeledas Mushrooms?

According to the FDA you cannot label mycelium products as mushrooms. The FDA Compliance Policy Guide, Section 585.525 says that you can’t do that. Although this is fact, many companies will still label them as mushrooms when they are in fact mycelium.


You need to make sure that the mushrooms that you are using as medicinal supplements meet all the factors that make them true mushrooms. Many companies will try to sell mycelium as real mushrooms when they are not the same thing at all. They must fit the criteria from the FDA to qualify as mushroom supplements before they can legally be called that.

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