3 Smart Marketing Strategies For A Sold-Out Event

Planning to stage an event is usually challenging. It can take up most of your time, energy, and money, which is why you need to make sure that you will attract more people to buy tickets for your event. It would be the only way to compensate for all your efforts. To do this, you need to play your cards right. You need to do all kinds of marketing ploys to attract your target audience. It includes making a promotional website that will make visitors head straight to the click here button to buy the tickets.

Smart Marketing Strategies

Here are some of the best marketing tips to help you sell more tickets faster.

Start Earlier Than Expected 

If you plan to conduct your event in the last week of the month, begin selling your tickets at least a week before the date. It would be best if the ticket selling is happening earlier to allow your target audience to have enough time to save up and purchase your tickets. You can also conduct a particular selling period for your subscribers or loyal members to avail of the tickets for an exclusive early bird rate.

The ticket selling may also serve as your opportunity to encourage the public to sign up for your membership program if you have any. You can announce your ticket selling schedule on your social media accounts and your website to reach more audiences. Make sure to include creative call-to-action pop-up with a huge click here icon to help your site visitors land the ticket selling page.

Launch A Contest Within Your Organization

Your team will sell more tickets if they receive added perks after exerting extra efforts. You can do a small contest within the organization to make their efforts worthwhile. For example, your staff will get an incentive once they manage to sell a specific number of tickets several days before the event. Your incentive may be in the form of a paid day off or a gift card that they can use on a personal shopping spree. The team may also get a special price as a group for everyone’s collective efforts in selling tickets. You may give them an all-expense-paid office party after the event.

Promote Your Event With Several Mini Events 

Build the hype around your event by creating several small events that serve as a countdown several days before the big day. For example, you can conduct a live webinar or a live online presentation five days before the event, then follow it up with a social media contest that gives free tickets as the prize. Three days before the event, you can ask your guest speakers or presenters to release a promotional video, and then ask one of them to post a guest blog on the website of one of the guests. Finally, upload a “see you there” video message on your website and social media accounts the day before the actual event takes place.

Organizing a sold-out event can be a breeze if you know how to do all these tactics properly. All these tricks can help make your efforts in setting up an exciting and memorable event even more rewarding since more people will be able to participate. It will also make sure that you will get the expected return on investment for conducting a particular event.


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